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Thrustmaster, Rennes, 22 August 2007 — Thrustmaster introduces its newest racing wheel, produced under Ferrari® license: the Ferrari GT Experience. The device's name alone is a genuine statement of intent: it aims to offer gamers a unique experience by allowing them to enjoy intense racing sensations with a racing wheel proudly bearing the legendary "prancing horse" emblem... nothing less!


Born from values shared by both brands:


With the Ferrari GT Experience, Thrustmaster continues developing racing wheels under Ferrari® license with unfaltering respect for values that are shared by both brands alike since the first day of their collaboration: passion, quality, innovation and performance. These values embody the very essence of the development and marketing processes that result in the commercial release of a Ferrari® licensed racing wheel by the Thrustmaster brand. Ferrari® is therefore actively implied in the many phases comprising the device's life, from its inception to its commercial release!    




Who has never dreamt of driving a Ferrari? In the world of video games, Thrustmaster enables players to live their dream come true and feel their passion take form by placing their hands on a Ferrari®-licensed racing wheel that offers extensive features and an elating driving experience. The wheel's design indeed makes it extremely versatile, enabling gamers to express themselves in all kinds of races, on very varied tracks.  This versatility is beautifully mirrored by the gaming systems with which the Ferrari GT Experience racing wheel is compatible: PC, PS2™ and PS3™ - with the addition of a Home button enabling users to browse the console's various menus.




Reliability cannot exist without quality. At a glance, the Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel boasts a beautiful, black-coloured finish, with comfortable textured rubber grips that are ideally located for gamers' hands.  All buttons are accessibly and intuitively located. The presence of 2 digital levers on the wheel, similar to sequential gear shift levers, completely adheres to the Ferrari® spirit.




In terms of innovation, this wheel benefits from adjustable steering sensitivity, enabling gamers to adapt it to their own racing style or to the requirements of various racetracks. In addition, the device is 100% programmable: all buttons, levers, pedals and directional pads can be relocated thanks to Thrustmaster's Mapping feature (patent pending), to adapt flawlessly to each gamer's preferences. These exclusive ergonomics are further confirmed by the presence of an automatic centring device.




Lastly, in addition to this racing wheel's with exceptional form and functionality, Thrustmaster has included two specific features that will undoubtedly boost players' on-track performance: the bungee cord system and the pedal assembly. The first system, developed and implemented by Thrustmaster, offers highly realistic wheel resistance that is far more convincing and efficient than that offered by springs. The second feature, the pedal assembly, offers remarkable width and progressiveness; in addition, its stability will no doubt prove extremely useful when used in true racing conditions. Its design enables gamers to make good use of heel-and-toe racing techniques - sleek moves indeed. The highly resilient brake pedal graces the racing wheel with even greater realism - for even faster lap times!


The Ferrari GT Experience racing wheel will be available from September 2007 at the recommended retail price of 49.99 € incl. sales tax.







Universal Challenge Racing Wheel: extended compatibility!




The Challenge range has experienced a huge success since the day of its release. The Universal Challenge Racing Wheel was already compatible with various platforms. This new version takes multi-platform compatibility one step further by introducing compatibility with both Playstation®2 and GameCube™ consoles, but also with games for Virtual Console on Wii™, PC and Playstation®3. This will enable a greater number of gamers to enjoy a truly immersive experience in the world of racing.


This racing wheel, produced under Ferrari® license, offers a compact design that enables players to store it or take it away once they have finished racing. It also boasts extensive equipment, such as a pedal assembly and on-wheel gear shift levers.




The Universal Challenge will be available in late August at the Recommended Retail Price of 30.00 € incl. sales tax.