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Thrustmaster, Rennes, 2 February 2007 — The Spring & Summer 2007 collection of Thrustmaster solutions for DS™Lite is a colourful event indeed! Girls will be thrilled to become genuine fashion victims following the launch of two new products: the "T-Pack Only for Girls Purple" and the "T-Jean Bag Only for Girls".  



New colours, trendy as ever!


Following the acclaim received by the first version of the "T-Pack DS™Lite Only for Girls", which proudly sported a green motif, Thrustmaster is now confirming its trendy and design-oriented approach to accessories for DS™Lite game consoles.  Young girls will be thrilled to discover the two new colours available: purple and pink! These colours indeed encountered tremendous success during an international consumer survey (*) carried out with an audience of young girls comprising the DS™Lite's key audience.    


The T-Jean Bag



The ultimate feminine item is undoubtedly the handbag. The "T- Jean bag only for Girls" is as hip as it is convenient, and boasts many practical features that girls will quite simply love. Made of stone-washed jeans fabric with leather reinforcements, the "T- Jean bag only for Girls" offers numerous storage spaces for games, styluses, earphones, etc. And of course, the main compartment is designed to offer snug accommodation for the DS™Lite games console. The included bonus is the clever design boasted by the "T- Jean bag only for Girls", which enables girls to game away without even removing the console from the bag. Finally, for that extra special fashion touch, the strap is fitted with an additional pocket, in which a mobile telephone or an MP3 player can be stowed away while remaining within instant reach.

The "T-Jean Bag only for Girls” for DS™Lite will be available in March 2007, at the recommended retail price of 19.99 € inc. VAT.


T- Pack Purple


Introducing a variation on the green-coloured "T-Pack only for Girls", this new version is essentially identical in its design and construction, but boasts an intense shade of purple created specially for this collection. Trendy and colourful, but also convenient and functional, this pack offers a comprehensive solution for users wishing to carry and use their DS™Lite games console in any circumstance. The DS™Lite fits snugly in this miniature bag made of jeans fabric, which features a strap and an additional pocket designed for carrying accessories or a mobile telephone, as described above. This compact-sized bag allows for simple, efficient storage and organisation of the many DS™Lite accessories included with this pack: earphones, a sparkling stylus, a USB charging cable, a dustproof cover kit and two protective films for the console's screen. The "T-Pack only for Girls" also includes an additional backlit charging base. Finally, the ultimate trendy touch is provided for in the guise of 8 stickers, which girls can apply as they wish to any surface.

The "T-Pack only for Girls Purple for DS™Lite" will be available in March 2007, at the recommended retail price of 29.99 € inc. VAT.  



(*) International survey carried out in July 2006 with 600 female individuals aged 8 to 24.