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Rennes, November 25, 2013 — Thrustmaster is pleased to unveil its latest wheel: the T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, a product specially designed to provide powerful, comprehensive and realistic sensations in racing games on PC and PlayStation®3.


High-performance Force Feedback for a super-responsive, precise wheel:


The T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, available at an aggressive €129.99 suggested retail price point, doesn't do anything halfway, incorporating an advanced Force Feedback system featuring Immersion TouchSense® technology! In this way, this newest arrival in Thrustmaster's line of racing wheels will allow the greatest number of gamers to experience the sensations that only Force Feedback technology can provide, by accurately reproducing even the slightest details in races: the road or track's relief, loss of tire grip, bumps and impacts, and more… Thanks to this level of performance, it will be perfect for all racing games.




Designed with all racing styles in mind: 


The T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is extremely versatile, owing to the shape of its wheel, which provides an ergonomic design perfectly adapted to all types of racing games – GT, F1, NASCAR, Rally… the list goes on. The wheel features grips with rubber textured cladding, 2 wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters, 10 action buttons and a D-pad – all of which are within easy reach for instant access, without having to let go of the wheel. The result is a wheel that is super-intuitive to use, and handles comfortably in races. The wheel's diameter has been designed for optimized inertia, thereby providing responsive, precise driving control.
The T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel also features some other major technical advantages: a metal axle and ball-bearing mechanism, for maximum sturdiness and precision. Effects are transmitted by way of a mixed belt-pulley and gears system, designed for overall smoothness and fluidity. Users can even adjust the power of Force Feedback effects according to the game being played, making the wheel easily adaptable for all types of drivers and all racing styles.

The pedal set incorporates a wide foot-rest, and is similarly versatile: each of the 2 pedals can be adjusted, with 2 available angles of inclination. The brake pedal even provides progressive resistance. Last but not least, the wheel’s versatility is also demonstrated by way of its clamping system: central clamping for all desk and table types, and also via built-in screw threads for attachment to any cockpit.


·         The T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is available at the suggested retail price of €129.99 (VAT included).