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Thrustmaster, Rennes, 10th April 2007 — Thrustmaster has just launched the USB WiFi Key for PS3™ (60GB) to enable owners of the PS3™(60GB) to access a wireless internet connection via their  PC without the need for  a router or cables!


The PS3™ console is ‘online read’ for chat, gaming, downloading and surfing the web. The USB WiFi Key for PS3™ 60GB has been designed for unrestricted and easy use of these features from a simple internet connection.


Get even more out of your PS3™


PS3™ gives users more freedom and many usage possibilities.

The USB WiFi Key for PS3™ 60GB taps into this development: No need for cables to connect the console via your PC to an internet connection or even a WiFi router to access the advanced network features of the PS3™. All that is required is a small yet powerful key! You can access the "friends list" service of the PS3™ immediately and without restraint (a big plus with the increasing popularity of online chat and gaming) and use the Playstation Network ™ to the full.


Simple, secure and Fast!


Operating Fun Access USB WiFi Key for PS3™ is simple. It broadcasts a WiFi network when connected to a computer with an internet connection. The WiFi ready PS3™ 60GB, then connects to this network. Your PC transforms into a WiFi access point for the PS3™ (or any other WiFi peripheral device!). The internet connection can also be shared with the PS3™ via WiFi without the need for a WiFi router! Its also extremely secure  thanks to the implementation of latest security standards.


The Fun Access WiFi USB Key for PS3™ 60GB, like its predecessor the  USB WiFi Key for PSP™, is "powered by Hercules" : Easy to install and easy to use with a ‘plug and play philososply. The drivers and software interface have thus been designed with step-by-step installation assistance using screens with are clearly explained.


The "USB WiFi Key for PS3™" is available in stores now at the recommended retail price of  £29.99(incl. VAT).