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London, October 15, 2009 — To start off the Winter 2009-2010 season, Thrustmaster is unveiling some great new packs for DSi™ / DS™ Lite, offering consumers complete solutions for their favorite portable consoles.

First off, the White Pack is a collection of 8 items for DSi™ and DS™ Lite. It is composed of a hard-shell case and matching wrist strap, plus 2 styluses and their innovative "spring" attachment systems. It also includes 2 screen protector films, and an antistatic cleaning cloth to remove dust and fingerprints, guaranteeing that your screens will always be clean.

- The White Pack is available at a suggested retail price of 9.99€ (VAT included).

The Best of Pack features no less than 15 items to help users transport, protect, charge and listen to their DS™ Lite or DSi™ console. It is available in black, white and pink.

Easy transportation and protection are ensured with this pack, thanks to its hard-shell case and wrist strap, as well as 3 game storage cases. The console's screens are also well protected by 2 screen protector films, and cleaning is easy with the antistatic cleaning cloth.

High-quality stereo earphones are also included in the Best of Pack, allowing users to get the most out of the sound on their DS™ Lite or DSi™.

A cigarette lighter adapter to connect the console in the car ensures mobility and charging capability. To ensure that users are prepared for anything, an emergency backup charger with 4 hours of battery life is also included in the pack. Finally, 3 styluses and 1 "spring" attachment system are included in the Best of Pack, so that users are always ready to play!

- The Best of Pack is available in different colors, at a suggested retail price of 29.99€ (VAT included).

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