Thrustmaster and the Jean Alesi Esports Academy are Teaming Up to Train Simracers


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Thrustmaster and the Jean Alesi Esports Academy are Teaming Up to Train Simracers in Optimal Conditions


Turin, March 28, 2019 — Thrustmaster is teaming up with the Jean Alesi eSports Academy for a project that’s as ambitious as it is exciting: launching structure that’s designed to give high-performing sim racers the boost they need to reach new heights.

Real support for racing e-athletes

A real training package will be provided to the sim racers who are selected for this development program via the Jean Alesi eSports Academy. The training courses will cover the entire range of topics that drivers need: racing strategy, fine-tuning the car settings, as well as mental preparation, physical training, diet, communication, etc., all with the invaluable support of Jean Alesi and Matteo Bobbi, who are key players in the motor racing industry. Of course, one of the main aspects of the project is the equipment used. That's where Thrustmaster has its role to play, with their proven expertise and comprehensive and performance-driven racing ecosystem, perfectly in line with the objectives of this new structure.

The drivers who participate in this program, some of whom will be recruited directly from the pool of drivers officially sponsored by Thrustmaster, will be treated with the same level of focus as top athletes deserve. Their surroundings will be ideal for in-depth immersion in the world of racing, whether virtual or real, in order to improve their performance.

A logical match

With this kind of organization and vision, it was only logical for the Jean Alesi eSports Academy and Thrustmaster to join forces. Jean Alesi said: "The Thrustmaster brand, with its expertise, history, values and products, is the ideal partner for us. Working with their products will be an undeniable advantage for the drivers.". Eric Mindjimba, Thrustmaster's e-Sport International Team Manager: "We are delighted to partner with such a dynamic and professional structure.". Time now for our first lessons, and stay tuned for even more detailed information!


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