RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition PC


State-Of-The-Art « 5 Axes » Racing Wheel with "Clutch Pedal"


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Exclusive "5 axes" modes

Axe 1 : WheelAxe 2 : AcceleratorAxe 3 : BrakeAxe [...]

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« 3 Pedals »

Realistic, professional foot controlLife-like [...]

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Function buttons on wheel

10 actions buttons (with 14 locations)Navigation [...]

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Exclusive "5 axes" modes

Axe 1 : Wheel

Axe 2 : Accelerator

Axe 3 : Brake

Axe 4 : Clutch or Left cockpit progressive view

Axe 5 : Handbrake or right cockpit progressive view

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« 3 Pedals »

Realistic, professional foot control

Life-like resistance on the brake pedal

2 pedal positions available: “double-cutch” or “cockpit”

Advanced drivers can set up the pedals for ‘heel and toe’ downshifting

Large robust aluminium pedals

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Function buttons on wheel

10 actions buttons (with 14 locations)

Navigation Cross button (To customize your vehicle)

Twin wheel-mounted progressive levers + twin wheel-mounted sequential levers

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2 “Sequential Shifter System” options (choose between « Rally » or « GT » styles)

1 full-size sequential gearshift stick

2 new reinforced wheel-mounted sequential levers

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Exclusive Force button on the wheel

Activates/deactivates Hardware Center Return”during race

System allowing the user to enable or disable the Force Feedback motors or vibration motors at any time without having to use software, particularly when fatigue is setting in.
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Premium features and materials

Oversized tube + full rubber grip + 270° turning angle

Metal axis + ball-bearing steering mechanism

Belt-driven gear system (= Smooth & silent gear changing)

Large and sturdy clamping system (suitable for tables up to 5cm thick)

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Powerful Force Feedback licensed by Immersion® (Touch Sense Technology)

FFB can easily be toggled on and off with the press of a single button

Force Feedback: Gaming device Technology using motors for transmitting mechanical forces to transform any gaming experience into a more thrilling and realistic encounter by letting the player feel the game, through their sense of touch
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Also works with the PS3™ versions of:

COLIN McRAE™ DiRT™2 (Codemasters®)

SUPERCAR CHALLENGE (System 3 Software Ltd)


WRC Fia World Rally Championship (Black Bean)

SPLIT/SECOND VELOCITY (Disney Interactive®/Black Rock Studio)

F1 2010 (Codemasters®)



Sim RacingTonight

Sim RacingTonight

05.04.2008 - Note : 86,5%


  • Wheel and pedals/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/RGTFFBproClutchProduct800x600.gif/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/RGTFFBproClutchProduct800x600.gif
  • 3 pedal set position  heel & toe/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/RGTFFBproClutchPedals800x600.gif/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/RGTFFBproClutchPedals800x600.gif
  • Box and product/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/RGTFFBproClutchPackProduct800x600.gif/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/RGTFFBproClutchPackProduct800x600.gif
  • Box/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/RGTFFBproClutchPackshot800x600.png/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/RGTFFBproClutchPackshot800x600.png
  • Left and right/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/RGT_PRO_LEVER_Left_&_Right.gif/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/RGT_PRO_LEVER_Left_&_Right.gif
  • Adjustable Pedals/sites/default/files/imagecache/media/product/AdjustablePedals.jpg/sites/default/files/imagecache/media_large/product/AdjustablePedals.jpg