Rennes, December 23, 2013 — Thrustmaster is thrilled to confirm that its PlayStation®3 gaming headsets are also compatible with the new PlayStation®4 console.


Ready to go, right out of the box 

Thrustmaster is proud to offer a complete line of headsets for PlayStation®4, thanks to the verified compatibility of the Y-250P, Y-250CPX and Y-400Pw models with the new console. To make things ultra-simple for users, these headsets are compatible with the PlayStation®4 right out of the box: just connect the headset and everything works perfectly and seamlessly, with no need to adjust any settings or update any firmware. PlayStation®4 gamers can enjoy the Thrustmaster gaming headsets’ signature crystal clear audio (powered by Hercules and its 20 years of audio expertise) delivered by way of premium 50 mm drivers, a multifunctional control unit, a detachable high-performance microphone and all the rest of the product line’s impressive list of features.


A complete range for PlayStation®4 

Thanks to these design advances, Thrustmaster is able to offer three different headset models – which have won many awards for their performance – opening up a whole new level of gaming on PlayStation®4. The Y-250P lets users get the very best in terms of a wired headset for the console. The Y-250CPX, a product featuring universal compatibility, is the perfect companion for a variety of different gaming platforms (PC, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and Playstation®4). And last but certainly not least, the Y-400Pw – a wireless, latency-free headset – lets users enjoy more than 10 meters of range, combined with 10 plus hours of battery life for virtually unlimited gaming freedom!



For more information, check out the product sheet for each gaming headset model!