T300 and T80 racing wheels: trick for THE CREW™-PS4 since the release of PS4 System Update 2.50.

Unfortunately, since the release of PS4 System Update 2.50, the T80 and T300 racing wheels are no longer recognized in THE CREW™ game for PS4.
We’re working in close collaboration with IVORY TOWER and SONY to release a patch.

Meanwhile, here are tips that will allow to continue to play the game with your racing wheel:

# For the T300 racing wheel, position the wheel base’s switch to PS3 (not to PS4) before connecting the wheel’s USB connector to the console.
The wheel will be recognized as a T500RS and will work in the game (except the SHARE and PS buttons).

# For the T80 racing wheel, switch the racing wheel to GAMEPAD mode, as specified at
The T80 racing wheel will be recognized as a gamepad and will work in the game.

Remark #1: In GAMEPAD MODE, for optimum gameplay, set the RACING WHEEL SENSITIVITY of the T80 to High mode (the Led on the wheel must flash green), and set the Steering linearity to 75% in the game (in OPTIONS/CONTROLS).

Remark #2: In GAMEPAD MODE with the T80 racing wheel: playing in MANUAL GEARBOX is not possible (hence, in the game’s menu, select OPTIONS/CONTROLS, then AUTOMATIC GEARBOX).


Thrustmaster Team.