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Rennes, October 1, 2009 — With the launch of three new releases, Thrustmaster is offering Wii™ gamers great new ways to start getting back in shape, and have fun enjoying sports activities… without having to wait until spring.

Ah... the joys of fitness!

The Elite Fitness Pack+ NW, a 9-item pack, has been designed for fitness fans using the Wii™ console* and Balance Board™*… but also just for great workouts on your own, without any video games at all!

It features a carry bag for the Balance Board™, along with other great accessories, allowing users to "step their way" to fitness: two flexible weights for your wrists or ankles, for extra weight and faster calorie burning in your workouts, and a stepper that goes underneath the Balance Board™, letting you intensify your step exercises by increasing the height of your steps. Plus, to keep track of where you are in your workouts, the handy pedometer lets you count your steps, see how much distance you’ve covered, how many calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve been working out, and more…

Freedom of movement and comfort of use during workout sessions is guaranteed with the armband/holder for your Wii Remote™*, and the leg strap/holder for your Nunchuk™*. You can also keep your hands free by attaching your MP3 player to the included neck-strap, and enjoy listening to music during your workouts; while the large exercise mat, made of cushioning foam, is the perfect companion for your exercises on the floor, or can be used underneath your stepper and Balance Board™, keeping them firmly in place.

The Aerobics Pack+ NW is the perfect way to start intensifying your workouts with your Balance Board™: it features the stepper, exercise mat and pedometer from the pack described above.

- The Elite Fitness Pack+ NW will be available from mid-October, at a suggested retail price of €39.99 (VAT included)
- The Aerobics Pack+ NW will be available from mid-October, at a suggested retail price of €24.99 (VAT included)

Are you an all-around sports fan?

If you love playing lots of different types of sports, the Sports Pack+ NW, compatible with Wii MotionPlus™*, has been designed just for you! It lets you play the majority of sports games available for Wii™, including Ping-pong, Golf, Sword fighting or Katana games, Tennis and even Jet Skiing!

To let you truly immerse yourself and have the most fun in each one of these sports, the shapes and sizes of the accessories included in the Sports Pack+ NW are directly modeled on their real-life counterparts. Can you still think of any excuses not to have some fun playing sports?

- The Sports Pack+ NW will be available at the end of October, at a suggested retail price of €29.99 (VAT included)

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*Not included.