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London, April 30th, 2009 — Thrustmaster is providing DS®i owners with two new, clever charging solutions suited to the multiple applications offered by this highly innovative, yet power-consuming handheld console.

Have a seat and take a break with your DS®i

For DS®i owners who want to kick back and relax while playing on their device, Thrustmaster has designed the T-Standee Charger. This multi-position docking station features a streamlined and elegant design that allows users to charge their console.
After placing their DS®i on the docking station, users can enjoy all of the console's features without having to hold it in hand – perfect for playing games, mixing music, editing pictures or surfing the Internet! A rotating mechanism allows users to adjust the console's angle in all directions. This flexibility provides for optimum comfort, and as a result the T-Standee Charger adapts instantly to the various console's applications, whether horizontal or vertical.
The T-Standee Charger also enables users to charge the DS®i easily, even when in use: connect the DS®i to the T-Standee Charger, then connect the docking station to any electrical outlet using the console's power adaptor!

Always on the move with your DS®i?

For users who are frequently on the go, Thrustmaster introduces the first personal charger for Nintendo DS®i and DS®Lite, directly built into the console's wrist strap: the T-Strap Charger. The T-Strap Charger consists of a wrist strap with a safety slider and a clever charging case. The case separates into two parts, exposing 2 charging connectors. One end connects to the console, while the other end connects to the USB port of any device such as a Wii™, PC, Playstation®2, Playstation®3, Xbox360TM, USB car charger etc. Constantly connected to the console, the T-Strap Charger is an ideal and discrete charging device, offering unrivalled practicality and efficiency.

The T-Standee Charger will be available in mid-June at the suggested retail price of 12.99€.

The T-Strap Charger is available now at the suggested retail price of 7.99€.

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