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Rennes, 09 June 2009 — Tennis is currently the main sports attraction on TV screens; in addition to major tournament broadcasts, Wii™ game consoles are experiencing intense times in the tennis world with the release of two highly anticipated titles and the Wii MotionPlus™ device. In this context, Thrustmaster is rushing to the net with the release of the Tennis Duo Pack NW.

Tennis Duo Pack NW: a winning serve

The Tennis Duo Pack NW features two tennis rackets compatible with all tennis games for Wii™. These rackets feature ideal proportions for both the stringing and the grip and boast compact, yet believable measurements.

Using these balanced and well-designed rackets offers players an undisputable advantage, in particular when used in conjunction with the brand new Wii MotionPlus™ device, with which these are compatible. The rackets offer players enhanced positional awareness, allowing them to hone their moves at home as efficiently as on a tennis court and to deliver ultra-realistic drop shots, lifts, powerful forehands, passing shots and more.

The Wii™ Remotes fit into the rackets' grips with ease. Great care has been taken to create ergonomic rackets, as supported by the ribbed and rubber-coated grip, which remains snugly and securely seated in players' hands, even during the longest exchanges from the back of the court. The rackets also feature a detail that often proves essential in sports implying wide, ample moves: the stringing outer edge is made from shockproof foam!

The rackets' design and finish quality are worthy of top-level players. Aspiring tennis stars will be longing to get their hands on these sleek devices, one featuring a touch of blue and the other a touch of red. All gamers will enjoy playing with highly realistic accessories, which guarantee a truly immersive experience in the world of tennis.

Ideal for lobbing... even outdoors!

Feel like moving to an even more realistic game? Thrustmaster thought you might: the Tennis Duo Pack NW also includes two ribbed and rubber-coated grip covers and... a real-size foam tennis ball! Replace the Wii™ Remotes with the grip covers, take the ball and get ready for hours of fun and unrelenting practice to hone your backhands, smashes and more! Enjoy some outdoor fun and make the most of the nice weather before you return to your console with moves more powerful than ever before!

The Tennis Duo Pack NW will be available from mid-June at the suggested retail price of $24.99

* not included

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