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Rennes, October 21, 2013 — With a brand new and exclusive system enabling gamers to place their racing wheel on their knees, Thrustmaster has graced its latest controller, the T60 – a racing wheel under official PlayStation 3 license – with a truly remarkable feature.
Ideal for playing everywhere:

 At a first glance, the T60 Racing Wheel boasts two highly specific features: its official PlayStation 3 license and its original knee-top support system. The official license ensures that the T60 complies with the entertainment system's and brand's requirements, along with optimum gameplay. The distinctive, qualifying official logo adorns the racing wheel's hub; the T60 also features a Home button, located at the center of the wheel, enabling players to access all the PlayStation 3's menus. Its second specific feature is its unique attachment system, which lets gamers play while comfortably seated in their sofa – a most enjoyable perspective! To do so, users can simply place the racing wheel, with this attachment system, on their knees.  The side parts are designed to wrap around players' thighs, ensuring optimal stability. The gaming comfort offered by this attachment system is surprising indeed, regardless how players choose to be seated. This removable system also allows users to opt for the traditional clamping system, included with the device, which is suited to tabletops and desktops.





Ready to face any challenge:

Combining comfortable use and high-performance gameplay, the T60 Racing Wheel Official Licensed Product for PlayStation 3 offers some highly convenient software characteristics: a mapping feature to program the racing wheel's buttons, adjustable sensitivity settings, linear wheel resistance and automatic centering. Its hardware characteristics are just as remarkable, with two wheel-mounted paddle shifters enabling players to control the sequential gearbox, one D-Pad and 12 ergonomic action buttons. Finally, the device includes a pedal set featuring two progressive pedals and a non-slip footrest.


·          The T60 Racing Wheel Official Licensed Product for PlayStation 3 will be available in October 2013, at the suggested retail price of €49.99 (VAT included).    


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