T.Flight Hotas 4 PC / PlayStation®4


Ready for take-off: * Adjustable stick resistance * Full-size detachable throttle * Dual rudder system


Realistic and ergonomic joystick

In real life, pilots use a stick and throttle as [...]

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Detachable throttle

The joystick features a full-size throttle which [...]

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Dual rudder system

The joystick features a rudder function, which in [...]

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Realistic and ergonomic joystick

In real life, pilots use a stick and throttle as flight controls, as these are the most effective in terms of performance and precision. T. Flight Hotas 4 provides this same level of realism.
The joystick’s unique, ergonomic design adapts to all types of flight (aerial combat, space adventure, civil flight, etc.). The large hand rest helps players keep their hand in a very stable and relaxed position, to respond to the subtlest motions.
Adjust the stick’s resistance to suit your needs and preferences. The base is weighted, to offer enhanced stability during gaming sessions.





Detachable throttle

The joystick features a full-size throttle which you can use to easily control the acceleration of your aircraft.
The throttle is detachable and may be positioned in 2 different ways, either:
- Detached and separated from the joystick (to recreate authentic piloting conditions); or
- Attached to the joystick (for greater stability and to take up less space)


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Dual rudder system

The joystick features a rudder function, which in a plane corresponds to the pedals used by the pilot to turn the steering, allowing the plane to pivot around its vertical axis (therefore making the plane turn left or right). This rudder function is accessible on your joystick by rotating the handle (with integrated locking system) or by progressive tilting lever.

Box contents

Box contents: joystick, throttle, Allen key, user manual including consumer warranty information


For the PC version don't forget to download the drivers:



T.Flight Rudder Pedals
MFD Cougar Pack
T.Flight Rudder Pedals




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Mapping for T.Flight Hotas 4 - PS4

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> Thrustmaster Shop UK

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