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Thrustmaster, New York, August 16, 2005 – Thrustmaster, the PC accessories specialist, was the first accessory manufacturer to offer, at the end of 2003, packs specially designed for laptop computer users, often referred to as "nomads".

It proved to be an inspired move by the brand, banking on the boom in laptop PC sales and the search for high-quality, well-priced complementary product offerings. Today, Thrustmaster is repeating this move with the launch of a series of six new packs. Quality, trendy designs and a competitive price range (between €19.90 and €49.90, VAT included) are the top three considerations given precedence by the brand. "Nomad users will be spoiled for choice," states Laurent Derennes, Product Development Director at Thrustmaster. "Suffice to say that everyone will find the pack that's just right for them; we've created the new range with this in mind."

Organized travelers will opt for the Nomads' Pack Deluxe 2, as this pack includes a carrying case, an optical mini-mouse with a retractable cable and a numeric keypad. A USB charger compatible with most Siemens®, Ericsson®, Nokia® and Motorola® mobile phones is also offered. A quick word about the carrying case: highly practical, it is compatible with all Mac and PC laptops (up to 17"), includes multiple padded compartments and pockets and features an attractive finish and ultra-resistant materials. Suggested retail price: €49.90, VAT included.

Wirelessly "connected" nomad users will prefer the Nomads' Wireless Pack 2, which includes a wireless optical mini-mouse, a numeric keypad with two integrated USB ports, a pair of earphones, a USB extension and a small storage pouch. Suggested retail price: €44.90, VAT included.

Those in search of the best quality/price ratio will certainly choose the Nomads' Pack 2. This pack includes an appealing and ergonomically-designed 800dpi optical mini-mouse (with retractable cable), a numeric keypad, a pair of earphones and a storage pouch. Suggested retail price: €34.90, VAT included.

Nomads looking for "smart" solutions will be drawn to the range of Mini Packs: the Nomads' Pack Mini 1 includes an 800dpi optical mini-mouse, a numeric keypad and a soft storage case (suggested retail price: €24.90, VAT included). The Nomads' Pack Mini 2 features an optical mini-mouse, a USB hub for connecting other small devices to your PC and a soft case (suggested retail price: €19.90, VAT included).

 Finally, nomad users hooked on numbers (the kind who work with Excel spreadsheets and crunch figures on their laptop) will love the Nomads' Keypad Calculator. A calculator with an LCD screen and a 19 key numeric keypad rolled into one, it allows users to enter figures much more easily on their laptop, carry out calculations quickly and transfer them directly into their Excel spreadsheets. The Nomads' Keypad Calculator connects directly to the computer via a USB port (retractable cable). A mini storage pouch is also included. Suggested retail price: €24.90, VAT included.