XInput standard — directly built into Thrustmaster's new controller.


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XInput standard — directly built into  Thrustmaster's new controller. 


London, 18th September 2012 — With the GP XID controller, Thrustmaster is offering PC gamers a high-precision Plug & Play controller, directly preconfigured for Windows® and PC games!


Built-in XInput technology:

The XInput (XID) standard enables a game controller to be instantly recognized and optimally configured in Windows®, PC games, Games for Windows® releases and the Onlive® and Steam "Big Picture" services. As this standard is becoming the base line for game developers, Thrustmaster's development teams have directly built it into the GP XID controller. This feature turns the GP XID into a fully optimized Plug & Play device that requires no prior setup: all buttons and axis are allocated to relevant features and actions in recent games, with no configuration needed. 


A controller optimized for gameplay, offering a specific design and unrivalled precision:

The GP XID's design provides ergonomics honed for gamers and features an optimized button, D-Pad and mini-stick layout. The result is a controller offering a natural grip, with quick and intuitive access to all features. Thanks to a new firmware, the controller's mini-sticks provide optimized precision – twice as much as any other currently available controller – and 16-bit resolution, with 65,000 values per axis... enough to satisfy the most demanding hardcore gamers! 


Phenomenal features:

The GP XID boasts a top-tier feature set. The ministicks feature a rubber skin, while the controller's textured rear grip ensures optimum grip and comfort. The 2 long, curved progressive triggers offer perfect control and precision over all actions. The cross-shaped D-Pad delivers enhanced precision in all 8 directions.


The GP XID features 12 digital action buttons and a Windows® Live shortcut button. It is PC compatible and Plug & Play(*) in Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The GP XID will be available in September at the suggested retail price of $24.99 incl. tax.


(*) Additional driver installation required in Windows XP only