Thrustmaster® is proud to announce the official launch of its Ferrari-licensed racing wheels in the Chinese market.


From today, both PC and PS4™ gamers in China will be able to fuel their passion for racing simulation games with several of Thrustmaster’s officially licensed Ferrari products: the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition, the T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition and the highly-sought T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara® Edition. The latter is a perfect complement for the Ferrari wheel add-on ecosystem including the Ferrari 250 GTO Wheel Add-On (a replica of the legendary car of the same name), the 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara® Edition replica wheel or the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On replica wheel. Gamers can also enjoy a sneak peek at an upcoming piece of hardware that will release in China later this year, the TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition, the ultimate e-racing wheel, designed for brand connoisseurs.

The importance of this launch will be commemorated during the Ferrari Racing Days on May 26 and 27, as Ferrari, will welcome Thrustmaster to the Shanghai International Circuit.

During this event, guests will be able to enjoy a virtual tour and drive the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO in the video game ASSETTO CORSA, played using the replica racing wheel in real life. This will allow gamers to realistically simulate the unique experience of driving this legendary car as if they were in the racing seat. For a slightly different and more modern racing experience, guests will also be welcomed to participate in a virtual race driving the Ferrari 599XX EVO, using the T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara® Edition to control their vehicle.

This is guaranteed to be the perfect environment to experience the ultimate Ferrari racing dream at your fingertips!