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PSP™/ PSP™ Slim & Lite Accessory splurge

from thrustmaster!


London, April 10th 2008 — With spring in the air, the PSP™ will be the best friend of gamers out and about this season. Thrustmaster is proud to unveil the first wave of solutions dedicated to this games console, with no less than five new products... as well as an extensive range of other solutions in the pipeline.


Offering, protection, transport, charging and playback – Thrustmaster offers a cool solution for every need with its new range of accessories for the PSP™ and PSP™ Slim & Lite. The range will be promoted with a distinctive visual identity in a striking black and orange packaging.


Crystal-clear PSP™ Slim & Lite



Two products centre around a clear polycarbonate protection solution: the T-Case and T-Travel Charge. A robust, transparent shell protects the console, while allowing gamers to see and use their console – it also doubles up as a standee too. Great for hands free video viewing! It also allows access to the console's connectors without requiring users to remove the console from the protective case. These two products are exclusively designed for owners of the PSP™ Slim & Lite.



The T-Case is comprised of the polycarbonate case, with a transport strap and an antistatic cleaning

cloth for removing fingerprints.


The T-Travel Charge contains the polycarbonate case, the strap and the cleaning cloth described above, in addition to a cigarette lighter adapter and a 2-in-1 retractable USB and power cable, which allows users to transfer files using their PC or a PS3 and to charge their console using a USB source.


         The T-Case is available at the suggested retail price of £ 6.99 Vat Incl. 

         The T-Travel Charge is available at the suggested retail price of £ 9.99 Vat Incl.


Protective & practical packs with style



The new range also includes three products constructed using EVA, a material combining flexibility, resilience and solidity: the T-Travel Bag, the T-Travel Stereo and the T-Megapack. All three products are compatible with both the PSP™ Slim & Lite and the PSP™. The items featured by these three solutions are all comprised in the T-Travel Bag: a stiff and stylish EVA case that protects the console and keeps it away from prying eyes. The bag features an internal compartment for storing games and/or films, a belt clip and a transport strap, and is supplied with an antistatic cleaning cloth!


The T-Travel Stereo features, in addition to the items described above, a high-quality, trendy stereo headset for optimum playback of all films, games and music.


Finally, the T-Megapack also includes the following items: a UMD carrying case allowing users to pack 5 UMDs and 2 memory cards, a cigarette lighter adapter, a screen protector with an application device and a 2-in-1 retractable cable, ideal for transferring files and charging the device. With this package, you will be ready to use your games console anywhere, at any time!



         The T-Travel Bag will be available end of April, at the suggested retail price of £ 6.99 Vat Incl.

         The T-Travel Stereo will be available in May, at the suggested retail price of £ 9.99 Vat Incl.

         The T-Megapack will be available end in May, at the suggested retail price of £ 16.99 Vat Incl.


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