T-GT II: Velocity, Precision and Realism on PlayStation®4 console, PlayStation®5 console and in Gran Turismo™ Sport videogame


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Rennes, June 23, 2021 — Thrustmaster is thrilled to unveil the T-GT II, its first racing wheel officially licensed for PlayStation®5 console. This new wheel is an even more advanced version of Thrustmaster’s T-GT (launched exactly four years earlier), providing Gran Turismo™ Sport gamers on PlayStation®4 console and PlayStation®5 console with the most breathtakingly realistic racing simulation experience currently available.

This new edition of the T-GT has been refined and perfected thanks to over 23,000 hours of intense work. 

The challenge was to improve the racing wheel’s design to allow gamers to experience a level of precision and durability never seen before. This has resulted in the introduction of the groundbreaking T-DCC (Drift Curve Calculation) and T-RTF (Real Time Force feedback) systems, as well as the inclusion of new internal AEC-Q-certified components.


Velocity, precision and realism on PlayStation®4 console, PlayStation®5 console and in Gran Turismo™ Sport video game


Drift management is a must in the quest for sim racing excellence — whether in competitions specifically dedicated to the art of drifting, or in rally and GT-style racing. Successfully managing one’s drifting is hugely important for all drivers who need to carefully control their car’s skidding in turns. 

T-GT II employs a unique technology allowing for real-time drift curve calculation (T-DCC), thereby maintaining the responsiveness of both the wheel and the car in the game under all circumstances. This built-in T-DCC feature allows drivers to focus their attention on making very precise movements, to always stay one step ahead while at the wheel.