Experience the first on-site competition of Season Two of the Le Mans Esports Series with Thrustmaster!


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Birmingham, England, January 7, 2020 — The 2020 edition of Autosport International in Birmingham, England will host the first on-site competition of season two of the Le Mans Esports Series, using unique eye-catching Thrustmaster racing setups!



2020 will be off to a flying start

The competition taking place on January 11, 2020 will feature a couple of exciting firsts: the first offline, real-world competition of season two of the Le Mans Esports Series, as well as Thrustmaster’s first Esports competition of 2020. At the 30th edition of the renowned Autosport International — one of the most important motorsports shows — twelve of the best 3-driver teams will face off against one another in Forza Motorsport 7 for a two-hour competition in the Pro category. In parallel, individual drivers who wish to do so can take part in hot lap competitions for a chance to qualify in the Pro-Am category — which all Autosport International attendees can try their luck at as well! During the different events, the drivers will be able to show off their skills on unique Thrustmaster racing setups not available commercially, composed of the TM Open Wheel Add-On mounted on a TS-XW Racing Wheel base and featuring a T3PA-PRO pedal set. These racing setups have been specially put together in order to best meet the specific requirements of this endurance competition: the setups will also be highly distinctive, with racing wheel covers and plaques sporting the competition’s distinctive colors. Having first made their appearance for season one of the Le Mans Esports Series, Thrustmaster has created uniquely customized editions of the products used in season two of the competition, with special white versions of the TS-XW RACER as opposed to midnight blue editions for last season’s events.



A high-stakes competition

With the best Pro-level teams (in parallel with the Championship already underway) and the fastest individual competitors in the Pro-Am category battling to directly qualify for the Super Final taking place at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans, there’s no doubt that the competition will be at an extremely high level — and that the competitors will take full advantage of all the possibilities opened up by the Thrustmaster racing gear being used.


Autosport International attendees will be able to emulate the champions taking part in the Le Mans Esports Series with an additional 10% discount at www.Box.co.uk on Thrustmaster products used in the competition, from January 9–14, 2020.







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