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Thrustmaster, Rennes, 28 June 2007 — Thrustmaster will once again attend the Games Convention in Leipzig (Germany) running from 22 to 26 August 2007. It will be a unique opportunity for many visitors to see the new Thrustmaster product line up scheduled for release up until the end of 2007.


Innovative Products For All Platforms


The Games Convention has become the premier European games fair, with the number of exhibitors and attendees steadily growing over the past 6 six years. "Thrustmaster will be attending for the sixth consecutive year, demonstrating our confidence and commitment to this outstanding showcase event” stated Agnès Cornière, International Marketing Director.

“The timing of this event is of great interest to us, since it will allow us to introduce almost all the new releases that have been scheduled for the end of the year. Our goal is to show that Thurstmaster is commitment to and continues to be a premium Brand providing innovative and practical solutions for the market's most dynamic systems."


Focus On Technology And Solutions


Thrustmaster's product range for the end of 2007 represents continuity in terms of technological focus with applications such as multi-platform and wireless devices, fashion/trendy solutions and charging and storage systems - a range of devices that Thrustmaster has been developing with particular care, and which offer excellent marketing potential. Moreover, technological continuity will converge with genuine and potent innovation!   


Visible Presence:


Thrustmaster will be found in two locations at the Convention: in the Business Center (E 61) and in the Public Hall 3 (A29). This will enable the Guillemot Group Gaming Brand  staff to meet commercial partners, journalists, and also consumers, while providing product demonstrations and commercial presentations that will allow each and every visitor a ‘hands on’ and more in depth  experience of the  product range planned for the rest of the year. Additionally Hercules, the Guillemot Group's Computer Peripherals Brand (loudspeakers, WiFi devices, webcams, peripherals for iPod® & iTunes® and other DJing solutions), will be present to emphasise the growing convergence between the multimedia and gaming worlds.