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London, August 18, 2011 — with its Disney Princess collection, Thrustmaster unveils its official Disney-licensed creations: an ensemble of 3 products that will whisk young girls away to the world of princesses. The particular attention paid to even the slightest details of these exclusive designs will let girls’ dreams take shape right before their eyes…

The jewellery box that’s a console case

Any self-respecting princess needs a jewellery box! It's the place where she can hide away her secrets and all the things that she treasures most! Thrustmaster has made this symbolic object the crown jewel of its Disney Princess collection, starting with the Disney Princess DS Console Jewel Case. This jewellery box is a protective hard-shell case to safely store or transport the DS® Lite, DS®i or 3DS™ console. Young girls will appreciate the detail of the ornaments, and the image of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on the case's lid, which is crowned by a diamond shaped heart, and also through the lock – heart-shaped as well – which opens with a stylus.

The truly complete set of jewels

For girls who crave a real ensemble of finery worthy of a princess, theDisney Princess DS Secret Kit is a pack which adds 5 additional items for the DS® Lite, DS®i or 3DS™ console to the protective case described above. First off, there's a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant: a real gem for young girls. The attraction of mysteries and secrets takes shape here in the heart-shaped pendant, which can hold a key that's also a stylus, and which opens the protective case. Finally, 3 game storage cases featuring the images of the princesses complete this set of jewels, allowing each game to be stored in harmony with the set of items.

A projector stylus that lets the magic continue, even at night:

To accompany the dreams of our young girls once the lights go out, the Disney Princess DS Projector Stylus lets them enjoy projecting the image of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty onto the wall. It couldn't be easier to use: the projection stays on while the button is pressed, and turns off when the button is released. Its design perfectly reflects the features found in the Disney Princess range, with a pink diamond heart and satiny ribbons.

- The Disney Princess DS Console Jewel Case will be available in August, at a suggested retail price of £9.99 (VAT included).

- The Disney Princess DS Secret Kit will be available in August, at a suggested retail price of £16.99 (VAT included).

- The Disney Princess DS Projector Stylus is available at a suggested retail price of £5.99 (VAT included).