Thrustmaster Gaming Headsets: Get skilled™! The headsets designed to take your gaming skills to the next level.


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Thrustmaster Gaming Headsets: Get skilled™! The headsets designed to take your gaming skills to the next level.  


London, January 8, 2013 — Thrustmaster is arriving in the Gaming Headsets market with some serious credentials: nearly 30 years of gaming experience, combined with 20 years of audio expertise under the Hercules brand within the Guillemot Group.  

Gamers are at the heart of everything we've done:

Thrustmaster's Research and Development teams have built the Gaming Headsets range with one absolute priority in mind: providing gamers with products which perfectly correspond to all of their needs.

To accomplish this, a wide-reaching international study was conducted with 3000 American and European gamers who play for 5 hours or more per week. This study allowed us to focus and combine the Group's technical capabilities and audio expertise to create the first 3 solutions for gamers: the Y-250X for Xbox 360®, the Y-250P for PS3™ and the Y-250C for PC.

Accurate, perfectly-proportioned sound:

Thrustmaster's three gaming headsets provide carefully-crafted audio performance, incorporating 50 mm drivers for bass response that is higher than the mid-range frequencies, which are themselves more prominent than the high-range frequencies. This allows for an audio hierarchy which is perfectly in line with gamers' expectations and needs: heavy explosions that can be heard from far away, natural voices that are easy to hear – combined with noticeable, clear whizzing sounds from bullets, that don't get lost in the overall sound stage. In this way gamers can not only enjoy the signature audio experience of each game, but also hear all of the sound information contained in the game's audio mix, allowing them to anticipate events and best adapt their strategies – a big advantage in relation to other players.


To achieve this result, a unique design incorporating large earpieces in particular, which provide perfect sound isolation and generate powerful acoustic amplification by acting as resonance chambers.


Optimized microphone and controls:

Thrustmaster's Gaming Headsets feature detachable, unidirectional ultra-high-performance microphones. Their design gives the gamer an advantage by only transmitting his or her voice in the most audible way possible, without letting any surrounding noises in to muddy the sound. The level of precision is such that a gain control feature has been added as well, allowing users to precisely adjust the microphone according to the environment that they're in.


The control unit on each headset's cable puts invaluable adjustment options right at your fingertips: microphone gain, game volume, and even Chat volume, bass level and voice feedback level for the PS3™ and Xbox 360® versions. The microphones, like the headsets themselves, are adjustable and easily adapt to all head sizes and shapes, guaranteeing total comfort even during long gaming sessions, and perfect communication under all circumstances.


The products in this range provide a level of versatility in terms of uses that gamers asked for during the study: watch a movie by removing the microphone, listen to your music on MP3 players and smartphones (and take calls on your smartphone), and even play on the Nintendo 3DS™, Sony PS Vita™ and Nintendo Wii U™ consoles.


Thrustmaster's Gaming Headsets also stand out on store shelves thanks to their innovative packaging, which shows off the product and displays each headset's main features, allowing gamers to easily select the model that's best for them.

So Get skilled!with the Thrustmaster Gaming Headsets, and take your performance to the next level!


The Y-250C, Y-250P and Y-250X models are available now, at a suggested retail price of £69.99 (taxes included) each.