Experience the Live Final of the DiRT Rally 2.0™ World Series with Thrustmaster!


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Birmingham, England, January 9, 2020 — The worldwide finalists from the DiRT Rally 2.0™ World Series Rally and Rallycross qualifiers will be facing off against one another at the 2020 edition of Autosport International in Birmingham, England on Sunday, January 12. This thrilling live final will crown the World Series champions, with Thrustmaster proudly involved as a partner.


The ultimate rally racing setups, which only Thrustmaster can offer

Thrustmaster wanted to do its part to ensure the success of this prestigious live final by providing the very best hardware for the top-tier Rally and Rallycross drivers taking part in the event to use. Competitors will be able to show off their skills on unique Thrustmaster racing setups not available commercially, composed of cutting-edge components from Thrustmaster’s racing ecosystem specifically selected to meet the competition’s exacting requirements: each includes a Thrustmaster Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco® R383 Mod mounted on a TS-XW base, alongside a T3PA-PRO pedal set and two TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod units. One of the TSS Handbrake Sparco Mods will be used as a sequential shifter, while the other will be used as a handbrake — in order to guarantee total immersion in an incredibly challenging driving style where sliding, skidding and jumps are key. In addition to the competition area at the event, Thrustmaster will be providing a special section that all attendees can access for an unforgettable hands-on rally racing experience: this visitors’ zone will feature an identical setup to that used by the competitors — but with only one TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod, so as to be usable by the greatest number of people.



A competition with an emphasis on collaboration

Thrustmaster and the DiRT Rally 2.0™ teams have collaborated with one another not only in terms of the hardware used in the event, but also by way of prominently featuring the worldwide leader in racing wheels in the game build used for the live final — on the in-game promotional billboards and posters on the racetrack, as well as on the race car liveries. This will ensure that both the preferred racing setups chosen by the teams in order to provide the most realistic sensations and the highest degree of precision in this competition, and the in-game elements themselves, have a distinct Thrustmaster flair. The Thrustmaster-sponsored driver Jon Armstrong will also be on hand to chat with fans and provide invaluable pro-level racing tips. With two exciting competitions taking place (Rally and Rallycross), there’s a double incentive to follow every nail-biting minute of this not-to-be-missed event!


Autosport International attendees will be able to emulate the champions taking part in the DiRT Rally 2.0™ World Series with an additional 10% discount at https://www.box.co.uk/tmautosport on Thrustmaster products used in the competition, from January 9–14, 2020.