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Thrustmaster, Rennes, November 15, 2007 — A joystick with default configurations allowing for immediate use in the most popular aerial simulation games on PC and PlayStation® 3... who hasn't dreamed about it? Thrustmaster responds to this heartfelt request with the all-new T.Flight Stick X.

The result of years of expertise:

The 15 years of experience in the joystick market achieved by Thrustmaster, inventor of the joystick, has provided the brand with an excellent understanding of consumers' expectations in this domain. One observation became clear: a large number of potential Flight Sim gamers never begin playing just because they're afraid of the difficulties in getting started with this type of game: the result is that they miss out on the total immersion made possible by using a joystick! Thrustmaster has opened up the doors to the world of flying for these players with the T.Flight Stick X: apart from being Plug & Play, it also includes presets for today's best games in this category and is the world's first joystick for PlayStation® 3!

Realism is the priority:

Thrustmaster's latest joystick is not just easy to use – it has everything necessary to faithfully reproduce the sensations experienced by pilots. T.Flight Stick X takes realism to the highest level: a weighted base for perfect stability even when carrying out sharp maneuvers, large hand-rest for comfortable use, rapid-fire trigger for optimal performance, rudder for effective flat turns, throttle to control fuel flow, multidirectional hat-switch and more… Yet the T.Flight Stick X is also particularly formidable in terms of its technology, including the functions which have become Thrustmaster's trademark: mapping to adapt each of the 12 buttons and 4 axes according to the user's preferences, presets to instantly switch from one programming to another, and finally an internal memory to save the latest programming configurations.

Piloting made easy in all games:

Being totally Plug & Play and preprogrammed, T.Flight Stick X can be used immediately without first having to be configured in the game's options! Whether you're playing “Flight Simulator X®” or “Acceleration®” from Microsoft® on PC or “Blazing Angels® 2: Secret Missions of WWII” from Ubisoft® on PlayStation® 3, as soon as T.Flight Stick X is connected, you can immediately retract or extend the landing gear, retract or extend the flaps, tilt the nose of the aircraft up or down... simply by pressing the corresponding button.


T.Flight Stick X is 100% compatible* with all PlayStation® 3 games and all PC games as well!

T.Flight Stick X is now available at a suggested retail price of 29.99 (VAT included).

(*) Excluding games exclusively controllable via the "Motion sensor" function.