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Take the catwalk with fashionable ds lite accessories

 for him and her by thrustmaster




Thrustmaster, Rennes, August 24, 2007 — Thrustmaster is making a statement this season with its fashionable yet functional Fall/Winter accessories for DS Lite, featuring fun and stylish bags for girls and an urban-attitude pack for boys.


Unique Designs for Boys and Girls


Knowing the oh-so-different expectations of each of its target audiences, Thrustmaster brings to its collection for DS™ Lite one pack "Only for Girls" and one "Only for Boys".  Staying true to its creative philosophy, Thrustmaster consulted with expert designers to be sure that its latest new creations will appeal to today’s fashion conscious youth.


A Streetwear Look for Him


The T-Pack "Only for Boys" consists of a DS Lite carrying case enclosed in a parachute-style fabric in khaki tones. It also features a handy pocket for storing mobile phones or mp3 players that attaches either to the cross-over shoulder strap or clips to the gamer's belt. Ready to endure wear and tear, the bag is made from sturdy, rainproof fabric and the shoulder strap buckles are metal, like the zipper.  It comes with a behind-the-neck stereo headset and a unique fastener designed for mp3 players.


When it comes to storage space, the T-Pack "Only for Boys" bag is both handy and practical. Not only will it hold the DS™ Lite - allowing the user to play without removing the console from the bag – but there’s even room for another console or a digital camera. On the inside of the bag you’ll find four pockets for games, one for the stylus, extra padding and a removable partition.

Completing the pack, a USB charging cable and a khaki replacement stylus are also included.


The T-Pack "Only for Boys" for DS™ Lite will be available in late July at the recommended retail price of € 24.99. VAT Incl.


Pretty in Pink For Her


The "Only for Girls" range is expanding thanks to the success of the first DS Lite accessories for girls, the T-Jean Bag and the T-Pack "Only for Girls" in Purple and Green. Bringing a new twist to the line, Thrustmaster is releasing the second generation of "Only for Girls" packs - the "T-Jean Bag 2 DS Lite Girl" and the "T-Pack 2 DS Lite Girl Pink".  These sassy little bags are a perfect companion for pink-loving gamer girls. 


The T-Jean Bag 2 is stone-washed denim handbag with a pink leather trim, shoulder strap, zipper and metal snap hooks.   Pretty as well as practical, it features storage compartments that can hold up to six games and two styluses, in addition to the DJ Lite console.  Its slim appearance and design make this fashionable bag ideal for girls who crave an original, yet convenient accessory.


Similar to the T-Jean Bag 2, the T-Pack 2 DS Lite Girl Pink includes the leather and denim handbag described above, a shoulder strap, a USB charging cable, 2 screen protection films, 2 styluses, 4 dustproof protection kits and 8 decals. It offers an excellent transportation solution, as well as charging and protection tools for the console. The 8 let the gamer girl add her own personal touch and style to the bag.


The T-Pack "Only for Girls" for DS™ Lite will be available in September at the recommended retail price of €19.99 VAT Incl.


The T-Jean Bag "Only for Girls" 2 for DS™ Lite will be available in September, at the recommended retail price of €14.99.  VAT Incl.