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THRUSTMASTEr wii trio for charging, storing and driving


London, 20 March 2008 — Dedicated to form, function and fabulous pricing, Thrustmaster continues to meet the needs of Wii™ owners everywhere with the three latest additions to its range of Wii™ accessories. 

Go Go Go- Kart!

The most famous of moustachioed plumbers will be driving by your neighbourhood soon… and Thrustmaster lets you take control of the wheel with the new T-Go Kart NW. Inspired by racing karts, this is the first wheel to provide a sporty rubber grip for optimum comfort. This wireless device features a compartment designed to easily accommodate the Wii Remote in its upper section. This feature enables users to place their hand naturally on the wheel and ensures easy access to all buttons on the Wii remote. The access slots and cable guide enable players to use the infrared pointer to navigate through in-game menus without removing the WiiRemote from the wheel, and also to easily connect or disconnect the Nunchuk.




2 New Charging Solutions – Compact and Convenient

Thrustmaster brings users two new options for charging their Wii Remotes: the T-Charge One NW and T-Charge Duo NW Plug & Charge stations. Both devices connect directly to the console's USB port, avoiding any risks that may arise with children handling electrical plugs. The Wii™ Remote stands vertically in the charging bay, remaining easily accessible at all times. The stations' white colour blends perfectly with the colour of the Wii™ remotes and console, creating an attractive set; the design and lacquered finish provide a stylish touch!


When “One” is All You Need


The T-Charge One NW is also the first solution to enable users to store all their Nintendo® Wii™ controllers: a Wii™ Remote, a Nunchuk™ and even a conventional gamepad. With the rechargeable battery packs and battery compartment covers installed, the Wii™ Remotes benefit from a direct charge capacity when placed on the base.


The Perfect Duo


The T-Charge Duo NW allows users to simultaneously store and charge two Wii™ Remotes (two rechargeable battery packs and two battery compartment covers are included).  


Both of these charging solutions allow you to replace the rechargeable batteries with any regular rechargeable AAA batteries when the first set(s) expire.


The T-Go Kart NW will be available in April, at the recommended retail price of £6.99


The T-Charge One NW and T-Charge Duo NW will also be available in April, at the recommended retail prices of £12.99 and £14.99 respectively.