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April 27, 2023

Element 6 takes part in APEX LEGENDS GLOBAL SERIES

The APEX LEGENDS GLOBAL SERIES Split 2 Pro League kicked off on March 11 and continues until the exciting EMEA finals on May 7. This PC-exclusive competition features $125,000 prize pool to be split between the teams once it ends. The top 20 EMEA teams face off in a nail-biting tournament.

The competition is broadcast worldwide across various channels (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) and in many languages.

Here’s the format: 

  • Teams will face off 3 times per group 
  • Each team plays 36 games per season 
  • After these games, each team is ranked by points accrued throughout the series
  • 1 point per kill 
  • 12 points for 1st
  • 9 points for 2nd  
  • 7 points for 3rd  
  •  ….
  • 1 point for 11th to 15th
  • The top 20 teams then compete in the regional finals with a point system.
  • Finally, the 9 best teams and the regional finals winner will make the Split 2 playoffs—gateway to the international finals.

During this competition, fans will see the Element 6 team, made up of KSWINNIIE, Slayers and KIND4. Now halfway through Split 2,

The team finished 9th in the Apex Legends Global Series playoffs, meaning they’re the 9th-best team in the world for the first split.

We hope to see them at London’s Copper Box Arena this July for the Split 2 international finals, where they’ll compete to win US$300,000 and be crowned the Apex Legends Split 2 champions. A good showing at these playoffs would give them the opportunity to take part in the annual ALGS Championship finals. The final is officially broadcast in 6 languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, French, Portuguese).

Follow their games and practice runs here:

  • Element 6 stream: 
  • APEX LEGENDS official stream: