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Esports news
March 25, 2021

THRUSTMASTER continues its collaboration with Ferrari Esports as official technical partner

A long-term partnership

Thrustmaster is a long-standing partner of Ferrari when it comes to developing replica racing simulation products, so it is only natural that Thrustmaster continues to work with Ferrari in the Esports sector as its official technical partner after the inaugural season. Both companies’ Esports projects are very promising and will help increase their experience in elite Esports competition to develop new synergies that will be needed to meet everyone’s goals. As Thrustmaster’s Eric Mindjimba, International Esports Team Manager, states: “Our partnership with the Ferrari Esports Series 2021 is not only a logical and natural continuation of everything we have already achieved together, but it is also based on a shared vision of the future of Esports.”

Rising momentum

An inaugural season is always different because there is no frame of reference. This is especially true when an international pandemic is raging and upsets the entire calendar. 2021 will be an important milestone for the Ferrari Esports Series and therefore for Thrustmaster. The competition will be longer and undoubtedly very competitive, as the 1st edition has heightened the interest of the best sim racers and enjoyed significant media coverage. The challenges, expected to be even more demanding, are perfectly in line with Thrustmaster’s expectations for the Esports in order to fine-tune its strategy.

Stay tuned for more updates on the different phases of the Ferrari Esports Series with Thrustmaster until the grand champion is crowned in December 2021.