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EVO Racing 32R Leather

In a nutshell
Round wheel rim (12.6 inches / 32 cm in diameter) with long, curved paddle shifters designed to dominate in rally and other racing disciplines. Set your own rules with the EVO Racing range and its detachable hub, by combining wheel rims and paddle shifters of different sizes and shapes.
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Perfect for rally and other simulations

Key features

Under the hood


Drive on the edge with EVO Racing 32R Leather, a versatile round wheel rim (12.6 inches / 32 cm in diameter), perfect for rally racing and many other types of racing simulation. Take on the toughest circuits at top speed: thanks to their long, curved shape, the paddle shifters are easy to access in all circumstances and are equipped with magnetic sensors for precise activation.


Feel the road directly in your hands whether on asphalt, snow or dirt with this slim and lightweight (2.9 lb / 1,300 g) leather-wrapped wheel rim, providing outstanding comfort and pure sensations. Adjust the thumb button modules according to your preferences, for optimal grip.


Enjoy a high-quality design, employing premium materials including brushed aluminum for the central faceplate, giving EVO Racing 32R Leather excellent rigidity while maintaining its lightweight construction. The wheel rim’s leather wrapping, embellished with yellow kryptonite stitching, ensures a durable fit and really lets you stand out thanks to its modern style.


Switch up your racing experience with the new EVO Racing range. Set your own rules by combining the detachable central hub with wheel rims and paddle shifters of different shapes and sizes (available at a later date) to dominate any racing circuit in the vehicle and discipline of your choice.


Stay in control in your races with the EVO Racing hub’s 25 action buttons, including 4 rotary encoders and an ergonomic D-pad. Its 7 LEDs* provide racing information and revolutions per minute, allowing you to switch between two modes to adapt to the engine speed specific to different types of vehicles.


Access the entire Thrustmaster ecosystem: two Quick Release holders are included, making EVO Racing 32R Leather compatible with all existing and future Thrustmaster Force Feedback racing wheel bases on PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One*, and PC (Windows 10 and 11).
*On Xbox Series and Xbox One: some features (encoders, LEDs, number of buttons) are limited by the console’s protocol.

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More details

Width: 12.6″ / 32.0 cm
Depth: 4.4″ / 11.1 cm
Height: 12.6″ / 32.0 cm

2.9 lb / 1,300 g

  • 1 x EVO Racing 32R Leather (hub + removable wheel rim)
  • 1 x Quick release holder for base with screw
  • 1 x Quick release holder for base with latch
  • 1 x set of self-adhesive rubber pads
  • 1 x Torx installation wrench
  • 1 x sheet of stickers
  • 1 x warranty information flyer