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Rennes, August 19, 2010 — Thrustmaster's back-to-school season will be brimming with Disney licenses: 8 products, with 4 new licenses – Cars, Epic Mickey, Fairies and TRON!
Cars: get off to a great start.
The Wii Cars Wheel is the Wii wheel created for boys who are fans of the movie "Cars". It has a unique look, with a replica of the Lightning McQueen car character in its center. The wheel features 2 handy openings – one that lets you use the infrared pointer without removing the Wii Remote™ (once it is inserted), and one to slide the Wii Remote™’s wrist strap through. With a wide diameter of 21 cm and a textured grip, racing games will be more fun than ever!
- The Wii Cars Wheel will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of €12.99 (VAT included).
Epic Mickey: perfectly designed for the game!
The Epic Mickey Paintbrush & Thinner Protection Pack lets you take part in Mickey's adventures – in the Epic Mickey game – just as if you were really there! Just grab the paintbrush-style holder, and you're ready to paint or wipe out all kinds of scenery in the game. Specially developed for the game, it includes all of the necessary functions. Insert the Wii Remote™ into the replica of the paintbrush that Mickey holds in his hand: the brush's bristles light up in blue each time you press the trigger, and Mickey projects blue paint on-screen. Openings let you use the infrared pointer without removing the Wii Remote™, and slide the wrist strap through as well. It also includes a Nunchuk protector: a double protective shell crafted of white ABS, featuring paint graphics from the game. The protector leaves the C button and the Z trigger easily accessible – the Z trigger lets you project thinner at your enemies in the game, or at game scenery to destroy it. The Nunchuk connects to the paintbrush holder via an opening in the holder.
- The Epic Mickey Paintbrush & Thinner Protection Pack will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of €19.99 (VAT included).
Fairies: truly enchanted!
The magical world of Disney Fairies comes to life thanks to new accessories for DS® Lite / DS®i, with 2 licensed products. In the Fairies Magic Stylus Pack, the flower lights up when you shake the stylus, which is crafted in the shape of the flower's stem, and has been specially designed to fit in little girls’ hands. The Tinker Bell figurine which sits on top of the stylus is also removable.
The Fairies DS Pack is based around a hard-shell protective case to safely transport the DS® Lite / DS®i console. All of the flowers and the Tinker Bell fairy figurine are removable and interchangeable: they can be placed on the protective case, on the storage case for games or on the stylus. The protective case features storage spaces in its cover for 2 styluses and 2 game cartridges. The pack also includes a storage case for 2 games, a magic thumb stylus which turns into a ring, a cleaning cloth and a set of stickers.
- The Fairies Magic Stylus Pack and the Fairies DS Pack will be available in October, at suggested retail prices of €9.99 (VAT included) and €24.99 (VAT included), respectively.
TRON Legacy: Immerse yourself in the legendary world of TRON!
With the TRON Contactless Charger, charging takes a step forward thanks to the futuristic TRON disc that charges either 2 Xbox 360® / Xbox 360® Slim gamepads, or 2 PS3™ gamepads! 2 packs of rechargeable batteries are included for Xbox gamepads, or 2 adapters for PS3™ gamepads. Once they are equipped with their battery packs or adapters, just place the gamepads on the disc (on the magnetized charging positions, which hold them in place) and they start charging right away – that's all you need to do! The power supply plugs into an electrical outlet, which lets you charge your gamepads faster, and even when your console is powered off. The color of the LEDs on the inside of the disc changes to show you the charging status: blue when the gamepads are charging, and green when charging is complete.
The TRON Light Stand gives your console a touch of the futuristic world of TRON, thanks to its design which features a replica of the famous Lightcycle from the movie! This single, versatile product holds your choice of consoles in a vertical position: Xbox® 360 / Xbox® 360 Slim, Wii™ or PlayStation® 3 Slim. The stand's blue lighting lets you always enjoy a TRON atmosphere. The stand is powered by any USB source. 
It’s the genuine Clu backpack you've been waiting for – the TRON Backpack is designed for the Xbox® 360 / Xbox® 360 Slim or PlayStation® 3 Slim consoles! Semi-rigid (thanks to its padding) and decorated with eye-catching reflective blue materials, it's perfect for transporting and protecting your console, its accessories and games. The backpack features a special storage pocket for the console. With its adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap as well, the bag stays perfectly in place on your back, no matter how you happen to be traveling (on foot, by skateboard or rollerblades, on a scooter…). The backpack also includes a carrying handle.
- The TRON Contactless Charger will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of €39.99 (VAT included).
- The TRON Light Stand will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of €19.99 (VAT included).
- The TRON Backpack will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of €29.99 (VAT included).
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