eSwap Pro Controller PC / PlayStation®4


Build. Swap. Program. Adjust. The precise, responsive and adaptable controller under official license PlayStation 4 for an optimized experience according to the type of game you’re playing. More info on


Versatility and innovation

The eSwap Pro Controller’s modular technology [...]

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Industrial-grade components

Responsiveness: super-responsive tact [...]

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Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Compatible with PlayStation®4Compatible with PC [...]

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Versatility and innovation

The eSwap Pro Controller’s modular technology allows for unlimited upgrading possibilities
Upgrade the gamepad whenever you like, thanks to its complete ecosystem of different modules (color and custom kits)

Industrial-grade components

Responsiveness: super-responsive tact switches
Precision: mechanical click for a better feel
Durability: more than 5 million activations, ensuring an extended lifespan for the modules
Handy design: braided cable, avoiding inadvertent disconnection

Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment

Compatible with PlayStation®4

Compatible with PC (Windows® 10)

(PC compatibility not approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Additional ergonomic features

4 extra re-mappable buttons
Manually adjust the sensitivity of the triggers
2 presets included in the gamepad’s internal memory: change presets in real time!


Free multifunctional PC software included

Remap buttons (and other controls)
Configure ministicks (sensitivity and dead zones)
Configure triggers (sensitivity and dead zones)

Adjust vibration features (0%–100%)

Download Thrustmapper & PC Driver

Tested and endorsed by expert gamers

Luffy: Street Fighter World Champion — EVO 2014
Jenkins: former professional Overwatch player
Neirda: FIFA-specialist streamer and YouTuber




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