T-Megapack PSP™ PSP™ / PSP™Slim


A complete solution optimized and styled for your PSP™ console


8-Item Pack

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Car cigarette lighter adapter:

Connect your PSP™ in the car

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Compatible with PSP™ and PSP™ Slim

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8-Item Pack

Car cigarette lighter adapter:

Connect your PSP™ in the car

Compatible with PSP™ and PSP™ Slim

2-in-1 retractable cable (USB and POWER):

Transfer files with a PC or PS3™

Recharge your PSP™ from a PC or USB source

Hard-shell PSP™ carrying case crafted of EVA:

For optimal protection of your PSP™

Internal compartment: for storing your UMD™ discs

Stand option (vertical position): for watching videos

Double closing system: connect earphones even when the case is closed

The "standee" position enables you to stand your games console upright using the accessory, which means that you do not have to hold it in hand while watching a video. For improved ease of use.

Wrist-strap with metal clasp:

Transport the PSP™ on its own or in its case

Hard-shell UMD™ carrying case crafted of EVA:

  • For transportation of 5 UMD™ discs + 2 memory cards

(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a flexible, ultra-light, watertight and highly resistant material, which provides safety and comfort at all times.

Screen protection with soft card applicator

High-quality stereo earphones:

20-20,000Hz frequency range + 15mm driver + 32 Ohm impedance

Earphone cable with adjustment ring: for optimal comfort

Anti-static and fingerprint cleaning cloth




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