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Rennes, September 24, 2009 — For the 2009 back-to-school and back-to-work season, Thrustmaster is offering a variety of accessories for DSi™ that might just inspire users of the console to become great reporters. Let's get these up-and-coming photographers started on the right track!
Always ready for an unforgettable shoot: 
Life is an unfolding series of fascinating images, and we'd like to be able to snap photos of the things going on around us from all angles, and under any conditions. To do so, all you need is your DSi™ and the complete picture-taking kit: the Studio Kit from Thrustmaster! With this kit and its 12 included items, the Dsi’s™ camera function is truly optimized and under your control.
The Studio Kit includes a metallic support to protect the console, since photo shoot conditions for reporters are often unpredictable. The Studio Kit also lets users take all types of photos with their DSi™, making the most of its highly-touted camera function: a removable flash for photos in low lighting conditions, a wide-angle lens for wide shots, a close-up lens to capture details and even a telephoto lens to bring the objects you’re shooting right up close. The kit also includes 6 color filters, which can be used with or without the lenses, to capture life in all of its colors. Finally, a silver-colored pouch is included for easy transportation of the lenses, flash and filters.
·       The DSi™ Studio Kit will be available at the end of September at a suggested retail price of 19.99 € (VAT included).
The “travel journal” case: 
A lifestyle accessory such as a console needs a case worthy of a seasoned traveler, a case that’s handy and always there for you when you need it... so why not opt for the Fancy Wallet case? With its leather-inspired look, this case protects your DSi™ / DS™ Lite while at the same time allowing you to quickly and easily document the important events in your life. 
To cater to users' individual tastes, the Fancy Wallet is available in various colors, allowing you to match your DSi™ / DS™ Lite with your favorite leather accessories: black, white, pink and red. The Fancy Wallet is a designer case with a leather look, providing instant access to all functions and connectors without removing the console from the case.
Its essential advantages are the display stand function, which lets you play without holding on to the console, and its rotating base, which allows you to put the console in a vertical or horizontal position depending on how you're using it at the moment! Inside the case are internal pockets, to store 3 games and 1 stylus. Practical and functional, the Fancy Wallet is the perfect companion for your console, no matter where you are!
·       The DSi™ / DS™ Lite Fancy Wallet (in your choice of colors) will be available in October, at a suggested retail price of 9.99 € (VAT included).