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Rennes, November 12, 2009 — Calling all boarding fans! The controller you need to experience all the best snowboarding and skateboarding action available on Wii™ – and have even more fun in your games – will be here just in time for the holidays: the T-Freestyle NW from Thrustmaster.

Incredibly lifelike sensations

The imminent arrival of winter has snowboarders itching for the snow to arrive and the slopes to open up. When you add to that the fact that the Winter Olympics that will be taking place over the next few months, now is the perfect time for Wii™ gamers to get an early taste of these boarding sensations with the T-Freestyle NW.

With the T-Freestyle NW (patent pending), it’s more fun and intuitive for gamers than ever before to land perfect maneuvers, and even link up slides from one rail to another.

Snowboarding and skateboarding gamers on Wii™ can use the T-Freestyle NW to execute freestyle tricks and control their boarding runs with the same spirit of “freedom” and “no limits” that makes these sports so popular.

Crafted of genuine maple – just like real boards, for the perfect balance between flexibility and resistance – the T-Freestyle NW reproduces the real sensations well-known to snowboarders and skateboarders: negotiating half-pipes and rail jams in games has never been anywhere near this realistic before.

In order to achieve this striking realism for gamers, Thrustmaster has employed “Rolling Motion Board” technology, allowing for true lateral movement capabilities just like in boarding sports, as well as a “Safety Stopper” feature to eliminate any risk of tipping over, for maximum fun and safety.

Users can attach the T-Freestyle NW to their Balance Board™* quickly and easily, then get on and enjoy endless hours of fun playing their favorite boarding games with a level of realism that has never been possible… until now!

Looks to be proud of

“Wii boarders” will identify with their T-Freestyle NW and show it off with pride. The T-Freestyle NW stands out with its “Skull” logo adorning the board – a symbol of belonging to the distinctive community of boarders.

The T-Freestyle NW’s size allows for positioning just like on a real board, providing an unrivaled level of playability that makes this the must-have accessory to get the most out of the current and future crops of ultra-realistic snowboarding and skateboarding games on Wii™.

- T-Freestyle NW will be available from mid-November, at a suggested retail price of just €29.99 (VAT included).

* Not included.

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