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Rennes, November 18, 2013 — Thrustmaster is pleased to unveil their first gaming headset licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) for the PlayStation®4 (PS4), and also compatible with PlayStation®3 (PS3). This USB stereo headset is amplified and provides a high level of performance, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding gamers.




Audio expertise for the gaming community: enhanced audio exploration


With the Y-300P, officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) for use with the PS4 and PS3 systems, Thrustmaster has created a headset which allows for ideal reproduction of the wealth of audio data provided by the PlayStation® systems! Thrustmaster’s in-house R&D experts harnessed the 20 years of audio expertise they have acquired via Hercules, and worked closely with Sony Computer Entertainment’s teams, in order to make this possible.


The sound produced by the Y-300P is crystal clear, thanks to electronics specially designed to optimize the PS4 system’s audio. The headset features superior-quality, 50 mm drivers. The Y-300P’s audio rendering is incredibly realistic, and the performance it delivers translates into a frequency response curve which is perfectly balanced and optimized for gaming sessions. Factor in its double electroacoustic bass amplification – thanks to the earpieces’ unique design, combined with electronic amplification of  bass frequencies by the headset’s control unit – and the result is truly lifelike sound, with all noises perfectly positioned in gamers’ hearing spectrum. The versatile control unit allows for independent adjustment of treble, bass, master volume and microphone gain. The mic incorporates noise-cancelling technology, allowing for isolation of the user’s voice and removal of ambient noise: in conjunction with the independent treble adjustment feature, this guarantees optimal communication with teammates. What's more, the microphone is both detachable and adjustable!


Optimized comfort and connectivity


In addition to its outstanding audio and microphone-related properties, the Y-300P features an innovative design for exceptional comfort and ideal passive sound isolation – in particular by way of its large, ultra-soft ear pads and headband with thick padding, all of which are covered in luxurious imitation leather.


Plug and play on PS4, the Y-300P is recognized directly in the system’s audio settings thanks to its Digital Audio Direct Plug USB connectivity. In the system’s control panel, users can select the appropriate mix for the sound of the game, chatting with other players and the special effects provided by the gamepad’s speaker. The headset’s 17.06 foot/5.2 m cable ensures that the Y-300P can be used at a normal and comfortable distance from the console. In addition, gamers can make full use of the PS4’s voice control functions via the Y-300P’s microphone – for example, to start games, capture screen shots, power on or off, and more. The headset is also fully compatible with the PS3 via its USB cable and RCA splitter. In terms of connectivity, the Y-300P also features a detachable cable, allowing it to be used with a variety of portable devices.



The Y-300P will be available in early December, at a suggested retail price of €99.99 (taxes included).