Y-400Xw Xbox 360®


Wireless Stereo gaming headset: Specially designed for use with your Xbox 360®


Advanced wireless technology:

2.4Ghz wireless  technology for a signal [...]

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Audio expertise:

Superior sound, via premium  bass-emphazized [...]

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Multifunctional controller:

Chat system for Xbox 360® via the inline [...]

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Advanced wireless technology:

2.4Ghz wireless  technology for a signal perturbation free transmission

Latency killing system for a wired-like audio quality

Plug and play : automatic pairing function for a quick and easy setup

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery for 10hrs autonomy

Range up to 10 meters that enables a complete freedom and comfort of use


Audio expertise:

Superior sound, via premium  bass-emphazized 50 mm drivers

Pure “real life” audio sensations , thanks to the stable frequency response curve optimized for your gaming sessions, with perfect equilibrium between bass, mids and treble

The best of our audio expertise, taking your gaming performance to the next level (powered by Hercules and its 20 years of audio expertise)

Multifunctional controller:

Chat system for Xbox 360® via the inline controller, which can be connected to the Xbox 360® gamepad for perfect communication with your teammates

All functions are easy to find for an unbeatable gaming reactivity

Multifunctions: adjust the audio level of the game, bass, voices  and microphone independently for a perfect fit with every game and every gamer

Voice feedback system (to cut out the feedback from your voice on the headphones) directly on the controller

Designed for comfort:

Unique Thrustmaster design that perfectly matches your Xbox 360®, to provide outstanding comfort: large, ultra-soft ear pads for extreme comfort during long gaming sessions

Double electro-acoustic bass amplification, thanks to the earpieces’ unique design, combined with electronic bass boost

2 sets of cloth and leather ear pads included to match all  gamers’ habits

High-performance microphone:

Noise Cancelling mic that erases ambient noise  for catching only the voice

Microphone is detachable and adjustable, to adapt to every player

Exclusive customization of your mic’s gain level! Adjust the gain precisely for your voice, so that you’ll be perfectly understood by your teammates

Full compatibility:

Smartphone TV tablets : mix the sound of your device with your game!*






*Require an extra jack cable not included





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  • Discover the New Thrustmaster Y400 serie - Wireless Gaming Headsetsyoutube:Ooj6SdlhvP0
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  • Thrustmaster Y400 Series Wireless Gaming Headset : UNBOXINGyoutube:13q-YPUFT0w
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  • Thrustmaster Wireless Gaming Headset Y-400Xw - Tutorial 1: Set up youtube:fMk-Yk69UfY
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