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London, November 20th, 2008 — The launch of a Thrustmaster racing wheel produced under Ferrari licence is always an event in the video-gaming world, and the Ferrari F430 FFB Racing Wheel for PC – a genuine replica – will be no exception to the rule!

An exact replica, including the Manettino, for exceptional performance:

Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: passion, performance, innovation and quality. The latest addition to the range of Thrustmaster racing wheels produced under Ferrari licence, the Ferrari F430 FFB Racing Wheel, perfectly illustrates this commitment.

An exact replica of the Ferrari F430 steering wheel, this controller is unique owing to its specific shape, its elegant design and its pure, streamlined looks. The Engine Start and multi-position switch are instant eye-catchers. The first button serves as a directional pad; the second, the Manettino, is an exclusive Ferrari innovation that Thrustmaster has adapted to the world of video games: "The Manettino stems directly from the racing world, where each driver's total commitment to the race requires flawless efficiency and speed when adjusting the car's features." This easily accessible rotary switch features 5 backlit positions, enabling drivers to swiftly adjust their car's settings or activate specific features in the midst of a race. Users can adjust the braking force distribution, power steering, traction and control system and more. These actions will enable them to optimize their car's configuration according to the race track and weather conditions, for optimum performance.

Each feature is tailored for optimum racing comfort:

The extra-large (28 cm/ 11 in diameter) Ferrari F430 FFB racing wheel is a genuine full-scale steering wheel offering an exceptional level of comfort, unique in this market. The choice of carefully selected materials, the widespread use of metal and the inclusion of advanced technology truly make this device an exceptional professional racing wheel. When it comes to the choice of materials, the racing wheel combines a rubber-textured wheel coating and metal elements. Metal is also featured around the centre pad, as well as on the sequential gear shift levers and pedal set. Great attention has been lent to the pedal set: weighted to offer maximum stability, it also features a magnetic resistance function delivering realistic and controlled power. Metal is also used in the racing wheel's axis and ball bearings to ensure optimum solidity, fluidity and precision. A new attachment system, comprised of a vice, is also included to offer flawless efficiency.

The Ferrari F430 FFB PC features 10 accessible buttons and includes advanced technologies already implemented by Thrustmaster, such as the use of a dual pulley, belt and gears system for the force feedback mechanism or the Force button, which enables users to activate or deactivate the wheel's automatic centering feature, even in the midst of a race. Adding to the wheel’s high performance and efficiency, Immersion's Touchsense technology manages the force feedback function that, coupled with the racing wheel's diameter, offers unrivalled fluidity.

The Ferrari F430 FFB Wheel for PC will be available in November at the suggested retail price of £99.99