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Las Vegas, 06 January 2011 — Thrustmaster®, a designer and manufacturer of PC and console gaming hardware and accessories for over 20 years, has been selected by Panasonic to provide 3 gamepads designed to play the new gaming services which will be available on Panasonic’s 2011 line of VIERA ConnectTM-enabled VIERA® HDTVs . The Thrustmaster gamepads and VIERA Connect IPTV features will be demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas  from 06 to 09 January 2011.  

These gamepads have all acquired a solid reputation throughout the gaming world; these highly appreciated accessories will optimize experience offered by every game. Following a series of tests according to Panasonic’s stringent criteria, this selection of 3 gamepads provides a product range suited to the diverse requirements of families and gamers demanding advanced configurations.

They will be available for sale via the “Market Place” offered by Panasonic® to its’ service buyers: the Dual Analog 3, the T-Wireless 3 in 1 Rumble Force and finally, the Ferrari Wireless 430 Scuderia Edition.

More details about these 3 gamepads:
- Dual Analog 3: the reference gamepad for PC, offering optimum control over 3D characters and viewpoints. It features 2 analogue mini-sticks, an ergonomic D-pad, 12 programmable action buttons and a rubber texture on the grips and mini-sticks.
-  T-Wireless 3 in 1 Rumble Force: fully programmable 2.4 GHz wireless gamepad, with a compact form factor and non-slip grips. Its mapping feature allows users to switch all buttons, mini-sticks and triggers. This PC, PS2 and PS3 compatible gamepad features advanced Vibration Feedback technology.
-  Ferrari Wireless Gamepad 430 Scuderia Edition: a wireless 2.4 GHz game controller for PC and PS3 featuring a metallic look inspired by the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. It includes an optical wheel, progressive dual triggers, a mapping feature for presets and an internal memory. The grips’ lower section boasts a peach skin texture.


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