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Rennes, 10 July 2009 — Thrustmaster, with the launch of the Dual Trigger Gun+ NW, provides Wii™ shooter addicts with a weapon displaying impressive firing speed and precision, in addition to Wii MotionPlus™ compatibility. The bad guys are in for a surprise that's even worse than their attitude!

Versatility ensuring optimum efficiency

In light of the numerous new games for Wii™ that require serious firepower, the release of Thrustmaster's Dual Trigger Gun+ NW is fortunate indeed! This device is a dual-trigger, dual-position wireless gun – the ideal accessory for shooters and FPS on Wii™.

The Dual Trigger Gun+ NW is fully compatible with the Wii MotionPlus™! Since this device is designed to allow more precise movements, handling a well-balanced accessory that doesn't stray from the target with every breath you take is a feature that will make all the difference... and ensure fearsome precision in the most critical situations.

The Dual Trigger Gun+ NW features 2 triggers: a "conventional" trigger enabling users to fire with their index finger, and another trigger located further down the grip – at the level of the middle finger –, which can be used to fire secondary weapons or reload the main weapon, according to the game.

For optimum versatility, a removable compartment designed to hold the Nunchuk™ is built into the side of the Dual Trigger Gun+ NW. When this controller placed in the compartment, the Dual Trigger Gun+ NW turns into a machine gun. If, by choice or by requirement, the user chooses to use the Wii™ Remote Controller only, he only needs to detach this removable compartment. The Dual Trigger Gun+ NW then turns into an arcade gun.

The Wii™ Remote Controller is placed in the gun barrel. The Wii MotionPlus™ and the Nunchuk™ cable can be stored alongside the Wii Remote Controller, in the breech, inside a closed internal compartment: absolute discretion for maximum efficiency! The Dual Trigger Gun + NW requires no battery and is instantly ready to be trained and fired!

A truly warlike design

A realistic and aggressive black colour, enhanced with orange highlights on the triggers and the upper lock, graces the Dual Trigger Gun+ NW with a truly warlike design that gamers will crave for.

The Dual Trigger Gun+ NW will be available from mid-July at the suggested retail price of 14.99 €.