Special co-op duo pack


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Rennes, France - May 9, 2012 / Guillemot / — Thrustmaster, the premium PC and console accessory brand, announced today it is updating its celebrated PC and PlayStation®3 compatible wireless gamepad, and also offering it as a pack of 2 controllers. For a season set to be full of cooperative games the Thrustmaster best-seller returns, as the T-Wireless Black Platinum edition

It is compatible with both PlayStation®3 and PC so one controller will allow players to easily switch between platforms, and is a wireless controller that employs 2.4 GHz technology. To keep the games going all night it uses only 3 AAA batteries and provides more than 50 hours of battery life.  For those all-out, extended frag fests nothing has been left to chance when it comes to comfort.  It features 360° non-slip grips on the handles, and textured rubber on the 2 thumb-sticks. All of this adds up to excellent handling, and the knowledge that no matter what the action you will always have a grip on it.

In geek terms, the T-Wireless Black is a powerhouse of technology with its fully programmable buttons which can be swapped, thanks to the exclusive "Mapping" function. It features a "Home" button for access to PlayStation®3 menus, and it also automatically synchronizes the gamepad with its receiver for an easy, user-friendly experience in all modes.  Thrustmaster's R&D teams out did themselves when they created a communication protocol between the gamepad and the receiver which allows for the last connection made to be stored in memory.  This completely eliminates interference from other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz band, and optimized battery life.

Knowing that the T-Wireless Black will be the weapon of choice for use in cooperative games, Thrustmaster is also offering it in a pack of 2 controllers named the T-Wireless Duo Pack. It includes 2 of the T-Wireless Black type gamepads described above, but with a twist, one controller is midnight black, while the other is brilliant white, allowing players to each have their own designated color. Gaming sessions, whether inspired by laser carrying Stormtroopers or the Olympic Games, now have the perfect accessory with which to compete on the virtual fields of PlayStation®3 and PC.The T-Wireless Duo Pack will be available in June, at a suggested retail price of $ 44.99.