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London, 16 October 2008 — Thrustmaster is launching the innovative T – Strap Charger NW a truly unique charging system for Wii™ Remotes. It is the ideal companion for those who have no space for chunky chargers and want a handy solution to their charging needs. Thrustmaster will also launch the T – Megapack 2 NW specifically put together with the ’must have’ accessories for Wii™

T Strap Charger - How Does It Work?

It is a really simple device. The T-Strap Charger NW comes in two small parts: A battery cover with built-in rechargeable batteries and a USB charging dongle that is built into the wrist strap!

1. Just remove the normal battery compartment from the Wii ™Remnot an
d replace it with the one provided by Thrustmaster which incorporates 2 rechargeable batteries
2. Remove the original wrist strap that came with the Wii Remote and replace it with the blue one provided by Thrustmaster.
3. On the end of the strap are the USB connectors which when not in use are encased ina mini plastic capsule
4. To charge the Wii mote simply remove the plastic capsule and slot one USB connector to the port on the battery pack on the Wii Remote and the other to the Wii console to recharge.

The T-Strap Charger NW is available in October with an SRP £7.99

Thrustmaster is also launching the T – Megapack 2 NW this autumn to meet the needs of consumers who want a competitively priced kit of “must-have” Wii accessories.

The pack contains 8 proven Thrustmaster winners: T-Go Kart NW: Kart-style racing wheel with a rubber grip and access port allowing players to use the pointer and connect to the Nunchuk™ without removing the Wii™ remote from its compartment, T-Charge Duo NW: Charger and storage unit for 2 Wii™ Remotes , Rechargeable battery pack: Includes 2 for 2 Wii™ Remotes, Plug & Charge: Includes 2 sets of AAA rechargeable batteries for the Wii™ remote, 1 grey and one white Silicone protectors: Comfortable, strong with easy access to buttons and battery pack.

T-Megapack 2 NW will be available in October with an of £24.99

Come and discover our complete product range on www.thrustmaster.com