Thrustmaster Announces a Line of Sport and Fitness Accessories for Nintendo Wii™


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Thrustmaster Keeps You Moving this Winter Season with Fitness and Sports Gear that Keeps You Fit While Having Fun
New York, NY -  (October 1, 2009) — Thrustmaster, the innovative PC and console accessory brand from Guillemot Corporation, is pleased to announce three new sports and fitness packs for Wii™, providing the ultimate way to stay fit and have fun in the comfort of your living room. This line of new accessories include a 9-piece Elite Fitness Pack+ NW   and 3-piece Aerobics Pack+ NW for the Wii™ console* and Balance Board™, a multi-accessory Sports Pack+ NW for the Wii Motion Plus™ and the majority of Wii™ sports games
“Thrustmaster is dedicated to providing solutions that makes exercising both fun and satisfying,” says Winn Keaten, Thrustmaster Marketing Manager. “These fitness and sports accessories for Wii™ are also a great way to keep you fit during the winter months.”
Elite Fitness Pack+ NW
The Elite Fitness Pack+ NW, is designed for fitness fans using the Wii™ console* and Balance Board™ and is perfect for your own non-gaming workout. This 9-piece pack features two flexible weights for your wrists or ankles and a step aerobic riser for burning calories faster and intensifying your workout. The handy pedometer records your steps, the distance traveled, calories burned, workout length and more. Freedom of movement and comfort during workout sessions is guaranteed with the armband/holder for your Wii Remote™*, the leg strap/holder for your Nunchuk™* and a neck-strap for your MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes hands free. The large exercise mat, made of cushioning foam, is the perfect companion for floor exercises or for keeping your Balance Board™ and riser firmly in place. Finally, to carry all your new accessories and your balance board with ease, Hercules has included a trendy carrying bag.  
For an SRP of $29.99, fitness enthusiasts can give their workouts a boost with the Aerobics Pack+ NW, a smaller version of the above that includes the riser, exercise mat and pedometer. The Elite Fitness Pack+ NW will be available for an SRP of $44.99 at the end of October at
Sports Pack+ NW
For all the sport fanatics out there, the Sports Pack+ NW, compatible with Wii MotionPlus™*, is just for you. This multi-accessory pack is designed for use with the majority of sports games available for Wii™, including Ping-pong, Golf, Sword fighting or Katana games, Tennis and even Jet Skiing! Each sport accessory in the pack has been designed to reflect the shape and size of its real counterpart.

Available for an SRP of $34.99 at the end of October at