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thrustmaster announces the t-x3 battery grip:

triple your fun on PSP™ and PSP™ Slim & Lite!




New York, May 28th 2008 — For the hardcore gamers who use their PSP™ and PSP™ Slim & Lite systems to the fullest, Thrustmaster's T-x3  Battery Grip is the ideal accessory.


PSP™ and PSP™ Slim & Lite owners will quickly learn that “T-x3” means 3 times more fun and enjoyment. Users can extend their console's autonomy, improve their gaming position and enhance their playing comfort by simply attaching the T-x3 Battery Grip at the top of the console.


Extended autonomy



For gamers who love to watch long movies, play games or listen to their mp3 collection on their PSP™ and PSP™ Slim & Lite, the T-x3 Battery Grip offers ample power; indeed the device doubles the consoles' original autonomy! Its power reserve is very easy to connect; simply plug one of the two included cables (one of which is cleverly hidden beneath a cover, while the other is retractable) to the console's CC connector. Easy to connect, and just as easy to charge - users need only to connect the console's power cable to the T-x3 Battery Grip to charge the device (the T-x3 Battery Grip's control LED switches from red to green when the device is fully charged). 


Multiple uses and features



Thanks to its smart design, T-x3 Battery Grip offers three different positions: use the "open" position to play games, the "standee" position to watch films or video clips and finally, the "closed" position to protect the console's screen. Simply rotate the T-x3 Battery Grip according to how you want to use your console and you’ll continue to benefit from the enhanced battery power at all times, whichever position you choose.


Enhanced comfort


The T-x3 Battery Grip improves the comfort during long hours of game play by optimising the user's grip on the console. The 2 rubber grips were designed and located to perfectly match the shape of the user's hands. Players will love the extra hours they can add to their gaming sessions thanks to the ergonomic design and soft touch feel of the grip.


The T-x3 Battery Grip will be available in June at the suggested retail price £16.99