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London, August 22nd, 2008 — Just in time for this season’s hottest fighting games, Thrustmaster is coming out all guns blazing with a line-up of cool new Wii weaponry including the Glow Saber Duo Pack NW, the Dual Trigger Gun NW and finally the T-Precision Pack, featuring the Dual Trigger Gun NW and the best-selling T-Wireless gamepad.

Glow Sabers:

The dream of dueling with laser sabers has fascinated people for decades now! Technical advances opened up by the Wii™ now make it possible to turn those dreams into reality. Perfect for the highly anticipated, upcoming laser battle games, the pack includes:
Two high-tech looking lasers (Blue and red) with a 17 LED lighting system
Plastic, flexible, swords with rounded edges for safety
On/Off switch for battery conservation
Requires 3 AAA batteries

The Glow Saber Duo Pack NW launches mid-September at an SRP of £24.99

Dual Trigger Gun:

The Dual Trigger Gun NW offers a double trigger mechanism whereby Trigger 1 activates the B button on the Wiimote (for reloading or other functions) and Trigger 2 (A button) controls the regular fire using your index finger. It is more practical for any FPS or Shooting game on Wii™. The Dual Trigger Gun also benefits from a Nunchuk™ rest on one side of the gun which allows the player to hold an incredibly stable shooting position. This part is detachable and can be removed for games which do not require the Nunchuk™ in an “Arcade Gun “style, or attached in games requiring the Nunchuk™ notably “Machine Gun” style. To top it off, cables are kept out of the way by placing them into an internal cables storage hatch.

Dual Trigger Gun NW launches end September at an SRP of £12.99

T-Wireless Precision Pack NW (Gun and Wireless gamepad pack):

With the T-Wireless Precision Pack NW, Thrustmaster offers a pack containing the Dual Trigger Gun NW and the T-Wireless NW gamepad. Guaranteed wireless precision!

The T-Wireless NW – is wireless, vibrating and fully programmable – This product has already proven itself to be a hit with Wii gamers.

T-Wireless Precision Pack NW launches early October, SPR of £24.99

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