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Thrustmaster DS™ Lite Accessories for




New York, May 15, 2008 — Thrustmaster is expanding its DS Lite fashion accessory range with new "Boys" and "Girls" collections.


A "Spring/Summer 2008" collection brimming with color:



With the warm weather already here, Thrustmaster’s nomadic teens now have a practical way to bring their DS™ Lite with them wherever they go, while remaining stylish at all times: khaki for boys, and pink or purple for girls.   


For Him


The “Only for Boys” T-Bag DS™ Lite stands out in the crowd. Designed in a rigid, parachute like fabric with a ‘messenger bag ‘style, boys will love toting their DS Lite around in one of these. Its significant capacity allows it to hold a DS™ Lite which, when attached using the strap inside the bag, can be used without having to remove the console from the bag. It also includes 4 pockets for games, 1 for a stylus and a compartment for storing accessories such as chargers or earphones. With the available space, users can even transport another portable console or a digital camera too!


A cool & comprehensive pack:


With the “Only for Boys” T-Pack 2, Thrustmaster offers boys a complete, compact solution. The pack is based around a rigid case crafted of EVA with a trendy camouflage motif.  It includes a compartment for a DS™ Lite, plus another for storing accessories for the console. A wrist strap is also included for optimal security.


To allow users to enjoy the sound from their DS™ Lite or retreat into their own world, the “Only for Boys” T-Pack 2 includes a pair of ultra-light stereo necklace earphones with a 10mm driver (16 ohms). A removable clip attaches to the earphone cable, featuring a "Thrustmaster Elite Member" tag, identifying the user as belonging to this group.


A retractable USB charging cable allows the user to recharge his DS™ Lite console from any computer or console USB source. A khaki stylus is also included in the pack.


- The T-Bag Boys will be available in June at a suggested retail price of $17.99.


- The T-Pack2 Boys will also be available at a suggested retail price $17.99.


For Her:


For DS™ Lite-loving girls, Thrustmaster presents the "Only for Girls" T-Pack Classic in their choice of two colors: pink or purple! A truly complete pack, the faded denim bag holds the console (which doesn't need to be removed from the bag for playing) plus (4 game pockets to hold multiple games and it has an adjustable shoulder strap. A convenient USB charging cable lets girls on the go recharge their DS™ Lite from any computer or console.


For that special look, girls can personalize their bag with the set of 8 transfers that are included. Plus they have their choice of 2 pink/purple styluses.

Finally, with the T-Pack Classic, the DS™ Lite is protected not only by the bag, but also by the dust-resistant elastomer skins and 2 anti-scratch screen protection films.


Thrustmaster’s bag for DS™ Lite is a real fashion accessory with a faded denim material and metal clasp. Not just a carry and storage bag for the DS™ Lite, it’s a stylish handbag which young girls will love. It is available on its own as the "Only for Girls" T-Jean Bag and comes in both pink (currently available) and purple.


- The T-Jean Bag Girls Purple will be available in June at a suggested retail price of $17.99.


- The T-Pack Classic Girls Purple and Pink will be available in June at a suggested retail price of $29.99 each.


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