Thrustmaster, SimBin and 10TACLE STUDIOS team up for the release of “GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game”


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10TACLE STUDIOS and SimBin recommend Thrustmaster's RGT Force Feedback Pro racing wheel for the most realistic game play ever in GTR 2

Thrustmaster, France, May 4, 2006 — Thrustmaster, SimBin and 10TACLE STUDIOS are pleased to announce their close collaboration regarding the highly-anticipated game GTR 2 and Thrustmaster's latest racing simulation wheel for PC, RGT Force Feedback Pro. 10TACLE STUDIOS, the well-known game publisher, and developer SimBin recommend Thrustmaster's flagship wheel for the most realistic game play ever in GTR 2. The only thing missing now is the smell of burning rubber in the air...

"We are very excited to be partnering with 10TACLE STUDIOS and the SimBin Development Team on this outstanding gaming combination," states Gilles Raulet, Thrustmaster's Product Development Director. "With the original GTR, both companies set the benchmark for racing simulations. Now, with the advent of GTR 2, they have further refined the experience to reflect the ultimate level of realism, particularly in conjunction with Thrustmaster's RGT Force Feedback Pro.

"Both the damage physics and tire physics in GTR 2 feature more realistic effects in terms of handling characteristics and feedback than ever before," explains Raulet. "Thrustmaster's RGT FFB Pro reproduces these effects perfectly, since 10TACLE STUDIOS and SimBin have created their simulation to provide a special gaming experience with this controller. GTR 2 incorporates LiveTrack technology, whereby different track surfaces and even the smallest cracks in the pavement affect a car's handling. All of these elements can be felt realistically thanks to the Force Feedback effects rendered by the Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro."

"We are enthusiastic about teaming up with Thrustmaster, as our simulation requires specialist peripherals," notes Stephan Pietsch, Senior Product Manager at 10TACLE STUDIOS, publisher of both GTR and its sequel GTR 2. "It is critical that members of the racing-sim community have access to a wheel capable of faithfully translating all of GTR 2's physical sensations through Force Feedback effects and a lifelike driving experience.<br>
"Thrustmaster's RGT FFB Pro allows for highly realistic driving thanks to the progressive clutch on its extra pedal set, as well as via two progressive levers capable of pivoting the driver's head along GTR 2's six axes of movement – look left and right, lean left and right, and lean forward and backward," Pietsch goes on to add. "What's more, gamers using the RGT FFB Pro racing wheel will enjoy the ultimate driving experience in GTR 2's exciting new events, from 'Ghost Time Trials' to 'Proximus 24 Hours'."

GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game


The successor to the international award-winning racing simulation GTR accurately represents the challenges of Motor Sport racing. The detailed, photo-realistic depiction of these powerful cars and beautiful circuits, thanks to the latest graphics technology, and the enhanced driving model will make your adrenaline rise in one of more than one hundred HP-beasts. Beginners can start with the driving school where they are taught the basics of race driving by a professional instructor. Thanks to dynamic day/night and weather changes and an impressive damage system, the races of the exciting FIA GT series become a thrilling gaming experience.

RGT Force Feedback Pro

Rallye GT Force Feedback Pro from Thrustmaster is the first and only Force Feedback wheel with 5 independent and progressive axes* in car racing simulation games: 5 axes accessible via its pedal set and analog levers or via an innovative double pedal set system!

Fans of PC car racing simulations will experience the thrill of progressively controlling powerslides with their handbrake on circuits, having progressive views from inside the cockpit in GT games or even using a clutch pedal just like in a real GT racecar!

Thrustmaster has taken racing to the next level by offering a pedal upgrade kit for the RGT Force Feedback Pro. Consisting of a full-size extra pedal set crafted of sturdy aluminum and a metal coupling rod, the upgrade kit allows players to connect two pedal systems firmly together for maximum performance and stability. Hair-raising sensations are guaranteed when carrying out skillful double-clutching in GT races, applying precise doses of handbrake and counter-steering in a 90° turn or hairpin curve! The RGT Force Feedback Pro is also equipped with the luxury of a metal axis and ball bearing steering mechanism for excellent precision and fluidity in games.

The wheel’s flexible and silent Force Feedback mechanism employs TouchSense® technology under license from Immersion Corporation. The RGT Force Feedback Pro is also equipped with a dedicated software application for personalizing and testing Force Feedback effects, plus an exclusive button allowing users to enable or to disable the re-centering function directly via the wheel while racing.

The Rallye GT Force Feedback Pro is available at a suggested retail price of €119.90, VAT included. The pedal upgrade kit for cockpit-style configuration is available from online retailers at a suggested retail price of €29.90, VAT included.

*RGT Force Feedback Pro is compatible with games developed in 5-axis mode and backwards-compatible with games developed for 3 and 2 axes.