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Rennes, June 29, 2015 — With its brand new Y-280CPX headset, Thrustmaster is releasing a gaming headset offering extended compatibility; the device can indeed be connected to PlayStation®4, Xbox One® (with Stereo Headset Adapter), PC, Xbox 360®, Mac®, Nintendo Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™ and PS Vita systems – as well as MP3 players, tablets and smartphones!

Superior audio combined with optimized comfort:

Akin to Thrustmaster's other gaming headsets, the Y-280CPX draws its roots from renowned audio competence - through Hercules and its 20 years of audio expertise. The headset features genuine 50 mm drivers delivering crystal-clear audio, which enable gamers to pinpoint in-game events as soon as they occur and react in time to save the day! The Y-280CPX offers a remarkably stable frequency response curve, boasting perfect balance between bass, medium and treble ranges. The Y-280CPX also offers dual electro-acoustic bass amplification, delivering extremely deep bass sounds. These audio specifications are completed by the headset's powerful design features: the Y-shape supports large earpieces, which act as full-fledged acoustic plenums. The earpieces amplify the bass frequencies, while also offering excellent comfort throughout long gaming sessions, and deliver incredibly effective passive noise isolation.

A high-performance microphone and advanced controls for PC/Mac®/Xbox 360®:

When it comes to performance, the directional microphone hasn't been left out; this detachable and adjustable unit is designed to target the user's voice, thus ensuring extremely effective communication with their teammates. The multifunction controller provides advanced controls, allowing users to adjust game audio and voice levels independently; the microphone and chat sound levels can be adjusted separately, to be perfectly suited to every game and player. The headset boasts another asset – a unique microphone gain customization feature that enables users to precisely adjust gain levels to their voice, to be perfectly understood by their teammates. Finally, the controller also enables users to deactivate voice feedback, so that they do not hear their own voice in the headset!

• The Y-280CPX headset is available now, at the suggested retail price of $49.99 (taxes included)