eSports : Interview of Alexander, member of BAM Team




eSports : Interview of Alexander, member of BAM Team


Check out this great interview from our friend Alexander, member of the BAM eSports Team !


Please introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us about your work, leisure and video game-related activities, if you are leading any projects and what you do in your everyday life.

Let’s begin! My name is Alexander, I’m 21 years old and in my everyday life, I’m a professional dancer in a dance company called “Compagnie Émergence”. My passions are music, cars, automotive racing and of course, dancing.

What nickname do you most often use in video games? Where does it come from?

In video games, I’ve been using the same nickname since I first began playing online – “Asix”. My nickname was given to me by my best friend; he’s also called Alexandre, so we had to find some call signs for ourselves!

How did you join the BAM eSport team?

I joined the BAM eSport team 3 years ago, when Forza Motorsport 5 and the Xbox One were released. The BAM team put a lot of trust in me when I participated in the Forza 5 French championship; they offered to pay half my Xbox One, because I didn’t have the means to buy one, and that’s how I became the first racing driver to sign a contract with the BAM team.

How would you describe the BAM eSport team?

The BAM team is like a family to me. When I joined, the BAM team’s staff had been fully renewed, so a brand new team was born that year. Since then, we have been the highest-performing team on the Forza franchise.

What is your history within the team? How did you reach your current status?

My history within the BAM team is very simple: I arrived with the aim of being the highest-ranking racer on the Forza roster – and since then, I’ve succeeded in remaining the roster’s “Star Player”. However, some of our other pilots have made considerable progress, so it’s no easy task!

On what occasion did you discover or hear of Thrustmaster?

I discovered Thrustmaster when I won my first racing wheel during the French Forza championship.

You have had the opportunity to race on and with Thrustmaster hardware; in 3 words, how would you best describe the brand?

Affordability, performance and pleasure.

Thrustmaster is one of the BAM eSport team’s sponsors; can you realistically tell us how this benefits you?

Well, here is a very recent example: my TX racing wheel’s Servo Base broke down, and the manufacturer’s warranty had expired. Since Thrustmaster is the team’s sponsor, the company undertook to send me a new Servo Base at their expense.

What is your favorite Thrustmaster product, and why?

The 599XX Alcantara racing wheel! I was lucky enough to test it at the Paris Games Week show last year, and it was awesome! The sensations are phenomenal, and the Alcantara cladding really makes the racing wheel ultra-realistic!

What do you think of your communication with the Thrustmaster brand, via your contacts?

Communication is always simple and effective. I’ll again mention the example of my Servo Base; we talked about it, and within an hour, a solution had been found.

In a normal week, how much time to you dedicate to gaming?

I play almost every day – when I’m able to, because since last year, I’ve been dancing for anything from 30 to 50 hours per week, so my game time has been massively reduced.

How and when did you begin your adventure as a gamer?

Right from the start, I used to play automotive racing games. I had no internet access, however, so I quickly grew bored with them. I ended up selling all my gear and, one summer, I met a friend of my mother’s, who was playing Forza 3 online. That was the day I discovered online leaderboards and races, and it was love at first sight! Since then, I’ve become an accomplished gamer; I even stopped attending school after getting my Baccalaureate in science to devote myself to eSport and dancing!

According to you, what makes a good game?

Well, that depends on the type of game; for an automotive racing game, it’s essentially good gameplay, solid content and a publisher that has their finger on the gaming community’s pulse.

What is your best memory, as gamer? And your worst?

My best memory is when I won the RaceForTheRecord event, last December; I won a 2016 Ford Mustang GT and a Guinness World Record!
My worst memory… Well, I don’t really have one, because I’ve always more or less done what I intended to do. However, if I had to mention a bad time, it would be the next-to-last round of the French Forza 5 championship, where I suffered a DDos attack and TX3 Laige even had his account hacked…

How do you prepare for a competition? Practice, stress, briefings… Do you have any tricks for focusing before a competition?

Well, I’m really not much of an example when it comes to concentration and attending practice sessions. In fact, I’m really quite terrible at both of these! At LAN parties, I’m always the first to start fooling around, even during races! But I love competition more than anything else, and that’s maybe where my strength lies. 

What are your cult games?

First of all, Forza Motorsport, Skyrim, Mario 64 and, of course, the first Pokemon games, up until the Gameboy Advance SP.

How do you feel about your journey as a gamer today?

Telling you about my journey as a gamer really boils down to telling you about my journey on Forza. I started playing 5 years ago now, and I took 4th place during the first French championship that I attended. During the following championship, I became the French champion, and since then, I’ve been racing against the best players in the world during competitions that are always more important and exciting.

How do you see the future of video games?

For me, video games are a way of earning a living doing things that one normally couldn’t do – in my case, for instance, they’ve allowed me to participate in automotive races, which is something that I could never do in real life, because it’s far too expensive. So in my opinion, eSport is the future of video games. It isn’t yet very well-known by the general public, but my guess is that in 5 or 10 years’ time, these events will be followed by more people than sports such as soccer or Formula 1 racing.

What is your game of the moment?

I’m playing Forza 6 a lot at the moment, due to current competitions on this game, but otherwise, I don’t really have a “game of the moment”.

Are there any games that you play regularly?

Forza Motorsport 6, of course, and Rocket League and Battlefield 4, usually.

What release are you most hyped about?

For the end of this year, I would say the re-release of Skyrim on Xbox One and Forza Horizon 3; the car customizations look really awesome!

A word to end this interview?

I would like to thank the BAM eSport team for believing in me during these 3 years and for increasingly supporting passionate and promising players every day. I would particularly like to thank the Thrustmaster brand for its support throughout this season, and for its dedication to contribute to our team’s development, to eSport in general and to racing games in particular!