Get ready to race Project Cars 3 with Thrustmaster® !










Hey racers !

We wanted to celebrate with you the launch of Project Cars 3, by confirming the compatibility of our racing gear, with list below :

- F458 Spider Racing Wheel (Xbox One)
- TMX Series (Xbox One / PC)
- TX Series (Xbox / PC)
- TS-XW  (Xbox / PC)
- TS-PC Racer (PC)
- T500 RS (PS4 / PC)
- T300 Series (PS4 / PC)
- T150 Series (PS4 / PC)
- BT Led Display (PS4)
- T-LCM Pedals (all platforms)
- T3PA (all platforms)
- T3PA Pro (all platforms)
- TSS Handbrake (all platforms)
- TH8A Shifter (all platforms)
- T80 series (PS4/ PC) à need a short in-game configuration at launch (link :
- T-GT (PC) à need a short in-game configuration at launch (link:

However, we also wanted to warn you that T-GT won’t be compatible with Project Cars 3 on PlayStation 4 at launch. 

Just a sad news for launch, we’re sorry to warn you that T-GT won’t work on PS4 until first Project Cars 3 patch, post-launch.

We apologize but this is beyond our control and we have done everything we can to prevent from this situation.

Again, we are disappointed and sorry to be obliged to give such a news.

For any update, be sure you’ll be the first to be informed.

We are grateful for your unshakeable support.